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Bike sharing programs can solve the hardest problems on Earth!

Bike Sharing Programs Can Solve the Earth’s Problems

Clean air, no extinct animals or plants and unpolluted water is what the world might become if a bike sharing program started in many communities.

Bike sharing programs is one of the solutions to many of the Earth’s biggest problems. Bike sharing programs are programs that allow people to borrow a bike from a docking station for a low cost. According to a recent research, bike sharing programs might reduce traffic during rush hours. This way, people could get to work and school faster in many places.

Bike sharing programs also help taking many cars of the road, therefore reduce the demand on gas used and make the air cleaner.

Happy World Equals Happy People

Bike Sharing ProgramsA simple solution such as implementing bike sharing programs can reduce a huge amount of carbon footprint and slow down global warming. That is not all bike sharing programs do. Bike sharing programs also help you stay active and healthy. Many researches state that when you ride a bike even for a short trip, you are still staying active and healthy. Instead of riding on a bus, subway or a car, everyone in a community can stay active by riding on a bike to and from work or school if the distance allows.

Some people think that bike sharing programs take up to much space and are there to make money, but bike sharing programs have created hundreds of jobs all over the world. If a bike sharing program started in many communities, people would be hired to answer customer questions, and to fix a bike if it is broken. You also would not have to worry about it being stolen if you accidentally left your garage door opened and did not lock the bike.

Removing the Price Barrier

Bicycles are expensive to buy and require a maintenance cost as well. However, renting a bicycle costs very little.

Bike stations where people rent a bike are called docks. When a person pays for a bike, an electronic machine takes the payment, unlocks the bike, and tracks the time the bike is used. When the person is done with the bike, he or she will return the bike to a docking station in the community. This is a more convenient way to get a bike when you need it instead of buying a bike and taking up more space in your house.

As bike sharing programs spread across the world, the Earth’s biggest problems might be solved. So get ramped up, spread the word around your community and let’s get a bike sharing program started. Your kids will be happy riding bikes to school instead of getting stuck in a bus. You will feel happy and energetic as well after a bike ride to work.

Bike sharing programs will keep the Earth green and keep greens in your pockets as well. You don’t have to be a mathematician to know this equation: Happy World = Happy People.

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