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Clean Commuting Facts

Clean Commuting: Top 5 Cities with Green Transportation Systems

While personal vehicles may be the most common mode of transportation, they aren’t always the most environmentally friendly. Especially in large, populated cities, public transportation systems can be a lot more energy efficient. And when they make use of green technology, clean commuting is even more beneficial to the environment.

Clean Commuting: Top 5 Cities with Green Transportation Systems

Clean Commuting Facts

To determine the Top 5 Green Transportation Cities, several factors were taken into consideration, like the average time spent commuting and the system’s hours of operation.

Other factors include how reliable the transportation system is, how much coverage they provide, what the congestion is like during travel times and the system’s ability to lower emissions.

Let’s start with the five top North American cities with green transportation system, according to data from the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index by Arcadis.

New York City

Though New York’s transportation system has it issues, there’s no denying the subway system is one of the most developed in the world. The organization of New York’s public transportation allows millions of people to get across the city without driving their own vehicles. That helps keep more cars off the roads and fewer emissions in the atmosphere.

San Francisco

The City by the Bay offers public transportation options, though they aren’t quite as popular to use as they are in New York. However, San Francisco also offers many initiatives for green energy. There are many electric vehicles in the city, for example.


Our neighbors to the North are no strangers when it comes to green transportation options. On the top of Canada’s green transportation-friendly cities is Vancouver. The city ranked well across all the study’s criteria, especially the public transportation system’s upkeep.


Montreal is another Canadian city that ranked well for green transportation options. Their subway is well-organized and easy for passengers to use efficiently. Thanks to the good upkeep and easy connectivity for riders, Montreal’s public transportation is an environmentally-friendly choice.

Washington DC

Our nation’s capital ranks well for clean commuting thanks in part to the city’s green initiatives. The commuting time in Washington DC is also favorable for eco-friendliness.

International Cities Top the List

While the above cities top the North American green transportation rankings, a number of international cities outrank them all. The top five North American cities didn’t crack the overall top 20 list, according to the data from Arcadis.

Hong Kong ranked number one in clean commuting overall, Paris ranked second, and Zurich ranked third. Seven of the top ten spots were in European cities.

Hong Kong’s metro system is highly effective for both locals and tourists, which is a large factor in their top spot. Even with the high number of travelers each day, the city’s public transportation is efficient for users and the environment.

The top European cities ranked well due to their organized metro systems and efficient infrastructure. These cities also use a lot of green technology in their transportation efforts, which means they give off fewer carbon emissions.

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