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Based on the principles of sustainability, sustainable living is a lifestyle built on energy conservation and environmental responsibility either at an individual or group level. Sustainability has become increasingly more important due to the economic and population growth coupled with over consumption of our natural resources. Since everyone depends upon these resources, we have put together the green practices, eco-friendly tips and sustainable living tools that can help lower your carbon footprint and keep the Earth green.

Reusable Bags Make a Big Splash on the Oceans

Reusable Bags Make a Big Splash on the Oceans

Reusable shopping bags could lower the price of gasoline and help protect you from harmful toxins. If China can save 1.6 billion tons of oil by banning plastic shopping bags, think about what American’s could do by using reusable bags.

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Keeping Earth Green through Money Saving & Eco-Friendly Solutions

Discover the critical issues facing the global environment today, as well as the green products, technologies and practices you can use to live a sustainable lifestyle in every area of your life. Sustainable living keeps the Earth green and helps you save money through recycling, energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions. Our team will help you improve environmental sustainability, conserve precious natural resources and understand how to go green.