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What is a green jobThe going green trend has reached into the job market, introducing new green jobs and updating traditional jobs with a focus on sustainability.  Based on the National Occupational Information Network, the green economy is broken into 12 economic sectors, this is for easier classification since green jobs can cover a broad spectrum.  A green job can leave you with a sense of accomplishment and money in your pocket, so get prepared for your green career by learning about the green job sectors and reviewing the green job profiles provided by

Renewable Energy Generation Jobs

This green jobs sector focuses on the creation of renewable energy such as energy produced from wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydro-power.  It also includes non-renewable energy creation from sources such as oil, coal and gas though the sources must be undergoing large scale eco-friendly modifications.

Energy Efficiency Jobs

The energy efficiency green jobs sector focuses on utilizing energy more effectively, reducing air and water pollution while reducing waste.  Examples of energy efficient activities include the building of Smart Grids, implementation of energy audits and making energy demand response more effective.

Environmental Protection Jobs

Environmental protections are the focus of this green job sector, from how to prevent environmental damage to how to repair it.  Examples of environment protection include reducing air pollution and enhancing air quality as well as water conservation and natural resource management. 

Green Construction Jobs

With the focus on sustainable construction methods, this sector focuses on the key areas of building or retro fitting buildings to optimize for human and environmental health, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, renewable materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

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Energy Trading Jobs

Energy trading careers focus on the financial services surrounding the buying and selling of energy as a commodity on the open market.  It is within this sector that carbon trading initiatives, renewable energy certificates and offsets are also covered.

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Green Transportation Jobs

Transportation is critical in moving goods and people from point to point.  The green job sector of transportation focuses on lessening the environmental impact and increasing efficiency of the different types of transportation such as trucking, shipping, mass transit, air and rail.

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Energy Storage Jobs

When green or traditional energy is produced it may not always be consumed at the same time, thus a requirement to store that energy is created.  This green job sector focuses on the storage of energy and capture of associated carbon emissions.

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Recycling and Waste Reduction Jobs

This green jobs sector focuses on the activities surrounding solid waste and wastewater management, treatment and reduction.  It also covers recycling and recycling support jobs, which are careers that focus on converting what was once waste into a usable material.

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Agriculture & Forestry Jobs

As the name explains, this green job sector focuses on the great outdoors.  Activities such as efficient land management and organic or green farming will fall within this sector as well.  Lastly, aquaculture and the creation and utilization of natural pesticides will be found under agriculture and forestry jobs.

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Green Manufacturing Jobs

Green products must first be created and it is this sector that focuses on the green manufacturing careers.  It will also cover the creation of green technologies and efforts associated to the energy efficient manufacturing processes that help reduce waste and lowers costs.

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Government & Regulatory Jobs

Green careers in this sector will focus on activities from both private and public organizations associated with pollution control, enforcement of regulations, policy creation and analysis along with advocacy for new or modified regulations.  Jobs with entities like the EPA, Forestry Service and other would be covered here.

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Research, Design & Consulting Jobs

This green career sector places the focus on indirect jobs of the green economy.  These careers would include activities such as green business services, energy consulting and research jobs that focus on creating new solutions for a sustainable lifestyle.

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