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Water Conservation Tips & Water Saving Resources

Water conservation is defined as the reduction of water usage and the protection of water from pollution. About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water though only 1% of that water is usable for human consumption. Water is a requirement for life, thus water conservation is a way to preserve life as we know it. Using water wisely through water saving tips found here will ensure clean fresh water is abundant for generations to come.

Toilet Leaks Cost You $840 per Year

Toilet Leaks Cost You $840 per Year

Leaky toilets are often overlooked, causing hundreds of gallons of water to be wasted in households across the country. With a large toilet leak averaging over 200 gallons a day fixing that annoying leak can save you money and conserve precious water.

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Lower Water Bills & Save Water for a Sustainable Future

The EPA estimates that by 2013, 36 states will face water shortages making water conservation efforts critical for the U.S. population. Human behavior is the largest threat to water conservation efforts, from leaky faucets and excessive lawn watering, to controversial fracking practices - we carelessly waste the one resource required for life. Lower your water bill and conserve water resources through the water saving tips found on Saving water is good for the Earth, our families and our community – make water conservation a daily habit in your life.