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Save the power grid and your cash, switch to CFL light bulbs

3 Money Saving Reasons to Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) which is also called the energy saving light dates back to 1890’s and has been continually improving since.  In 1985 the CFL bulb as we know it hit the market, they are gaining in popularity thanks to the global warming and sustainable living awareness campaigns that started in the 1990’s.  Making the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs can be beneficial to your wallet and the planet.

Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and Save Energy and Money

Compact Fluorescent LampCFLs can really make a difference, for example if every American switched from the inefficient incandescent light bulbs to the equivalent energy efficient CFL bulbs it would prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 11 million cars.  As you read on you will find 3 reasons to consider switching from outdated bulbs to the energy saving CFL bulbs.

1. Lifespan: The CFL light bulbs that you pick up from the local grocery store will last 8-15 times longer than the outdated incandescent light bulbs of the past.  We are talking in the neighborhood of 11 years assuming an average utilization.  This means you buy less light bulbs over the course of your lifetime and that can add up.

2. Lower Electric Bill: Another great reason to make the switch to CFL bulbs is the roughly $68 in savings each light bulb will bring you over its lifespan.  Not enough to change your mind?  Consider this, if you change eight 60-watt incandescent bulbs to 13-watt  CFLs you would save the equivalent to burning one ton of coal over the bulbs lifespan.

3. Give the AC a break: That’s right, switching to a CFL bulb can help take some burden off your air conditioner.  A CFL bulb produces 75% less heat than an incandescent bulb.  Less strain on air conditioner not only lowers your electric bill, it reduces strain on the system during the summer months saving on repairs.

Get the Facts on CFL Bulbs

Before making the switch be sure to contact your local power company and see if they offer an energy audit, not only will you learn some great tips but they might give you some free CFL light bulbs, we obtained 8 free CFLs from ours.  Save the power grid and your cash, switch to CFL light bulbs.

Photo By: Derek Gavey

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