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Gas prices are nearing record highs but you can save money at the pump and reduce your carbon footprint with these tips.

Going Green Tips to Help Save Money on Gas

With gas prices at near record levels, now is a great time to explore how you can save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint by going green at the same time.  At an individual level, transportation is often the largest contributor of greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming and air pollution.  We all need a way to get from point A to point B in our hectic lives, whether it is to and from work or school, the doctor or even the grocery store.  However we can lessen our environmental impact by following some of the money saving going green tips we have compiled for you.

Gas Saving Going Green Tips

Going green tips for saving gasHave you ever experienced a weekend where your errand list was a mile a long, taking you from store to store all over town?  Many of us have experienced this, in some cases driving back and forth on the same road, getting stuck at traffic lights, which tend to waste gas.  If you take a few minutes before you head out, to plan your route and group those errands, you can take a lesson from couriers and mail trucks and plan your trip in a clockwise fashion.  By planning to use a clockwise route you avoid left hand turns, which often lead to increased idle time, decreasing efficiency and sucking up precious gas in the meantime.

Having a properly maintained car can help save money on gas and reduce carbon emissions by nearly 50 percent.  Specifically, keep your air filter clean, recommended maintenance up to date and your tires properly inflated.  On average, a car will have at least one tire that is under-inflated, or over-inflated which makes your car’s engine work harder and reduces the lifespan of your tires.  Once you have a properly maintained car be sure to keep your speed at or below the speed limit.  The difference between 50 mph and 60 mph can often mean a 20 percent increase in fuel consumption.

Lastly, see if you can give up some conveniences, like running the air conditioning on a mild day.  Running additional equipment, like air conditioners, tend to increase the demand on the car’s engine, thus increasing gas usage.  Conversely, rolling down the windows instead will increase drag on the car which can also lower fuel economy.  The recommended approach is to simply let the fan blow outside air, which will not cause the compressor to kick in.

Going Green is a Simple Choice

Don’t let gas prices drive you to insanity or suck up all your cash.  By thinking a little greener and changing a few habits you can really reduce the impact on the planet and your wallet.  Follow these tips and explore alternate options like electric vehicles, public transportation or even old fashioned walking to help work towards a sustainable living.

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