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Can the world be 100% solar? Check out this infographic and learn more.

Solar Energy Could Power the World

The need for alternative energy sources is indisputable. Within a hundred years fossil fuel resources will either be severely depleted or completely exhausted. Can alternative energies meet our growing demand for energy? We explore the potentials of solar energy in our infographic below. Is the power of the sun sufficient to fuel our energy needs and, if so, how could be achieved?

It is estimated that our consumption of energy will grow by an enormous 56% between its levels in 2010 and those projected for 2040. Any viable energy source must be able to cope with this increased demand.

Fortunately, in terms of capacity, there is not a problem with a turn to solar. In the time it takes to switch on the TV and watch the news and weather there will have been enough solar energy hitting the earth to power the world’s energy needs for a year.

Of course, harnessing every drop of this is another matter altogether. How efficient are the different ways to capture solar energy, and how practical are they to use?

To give you an idea of just how practical it could be, even using existing technology, you first need to imagine the earth. Now discard America, Asia, Africa and every other land except for Europe. Next you need to zoom in on Germany. What you have left is just 0.2% of the earth’s surface. This is the total area that would need to be covered with PV cells to provide the energy we need.

  • Is it realistic? It is.
  • Is it affordable? We can’t afford not to.
  • Will it happen? That is up to us.
  • Where can you find out more? Right here in our infographic.

The world could go 100% solar.


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