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The unbelievable solar paint technology “Sunbelievable” makes news headlines across the globe.

Solar Energy Takes a Giant Leap Forward with Solar Paint Technology

The renewable energy industry may have just had a breakthrough that could mean big changes for home energy.  Researchers from the University of Notre Dame, announced a new solar paint technology, that has been able to capture electrical energy from “power producing nanoparticals.”  This solar paint, laced with the nanoparticles, looks no different than regular exterior paint used on homes and offices.  The paint names “Sunbelievable,” could mark the end to those bulky silicon based solar panels seen on green houses and office buildings.

Solar Paint Technology Takes Green Energy to the Next Level

Solar panelsBased on a report from the solar paint technology is cheap to produce when compared to silicon panels and other solar technology.  However, the efficiency of the Sunbelievable solar paint technology is only at 1% thus far, those bulky silicon panels rate at about 10% efficiency.  The researchers lead by Professor Prashant Kamat, needs to work out some refinements in order to be ready for the market.  Professor Kamat said “this paint can be made cheaply and in large quantities.  If we can improve the efficiency somewhat, we may be able to make a real difference in meeting energy needs in the future.”

Solar Paint Helps The Renewable Energy Industry Grow

The renewable energy industry is booming and with recent government programs such as the $4 billion for energy upgrades announced by Presidents Obama and Clinton, growth is expected.  The Huffington Post also reported that in the third quarter of this year, more solar installations occurred than all of 2009 put together.  This comes in the same year that the controversial solar technology company Solyndra declared bankruptcy, after receiving billions from the federal government.  Solar energy has a long way to go, however recent innovations, customer demand and government incentives have made it more appealing and affordable to the renewable energy consumers.

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