Energy Efficiency

Take the first step to protect the planet and your savings account from wasteful energy practices this summer.

Tips to Create a Cool and Energy Efficient Home this Summer

It is one of the hottest summers on record which is sending household energy bills skyrocketing into uncharted and highly expensive territory.  In many states, the price of energy hasn’t increased, as some have grumbled, in fact it is all those air conditioners working overtime to keep pace with the scorching heat outside.  Considering that the EPA estimates that the average American will spend $2,000 per year on energy bills, more than half of that on heating and cooling, this expense can make or break a family.  This leads many Americans to look for ways to cut costs and save some money on their home cooling bills this summer, especially with the economy still trying to recover.  Take the first step in becoming energy efficient this summer, and lower your energy bills at the same time by following these simple tips.

Let the Trapped Heat Out of Your Home

Summer energy efficiency tipsSuper heated air can get trapped in your home causing your air conditioner  to work harder, which in turns raises your home energy bill.  Some of the most common places this can occur is your garage and attic, though many places with limited circulation can experience this problem.  The garage is exposed to the outside elements with limited insulation, however it shares walls with the interior of your home.  This super heated air acts as a super-large radiant heater, forcing the air conditioner to work harder and use more electricity as natural heater, raising the temperature indoors.  Similarly, since hot air rises, the attic can hold onto super heated air which can make your home work harder to keep cool.  A simple solution to this problem is to let the super-heated air out.

The temperature in your garage can climb above 110 degrees in the summer, which can make it very uncomfortable and dangerous to be around.  Your car will even add to the heat as the engine radiates for hours after it was last in use.  Installing a solar powered garage fan will improve circulation, in turn lowering the temperature in your garage.  Make sure you choose a fan that is powerful enough for your garage, this could mean thousands of cubic feet of air movement per minute.  Additionally, a no-cost approach is to open your garage for about an hour in the evening, after the sun has set, to allow the super heated air to escape.

Creating a sustainable summer also includes managing the trapped heat in your attic.  Trapped heat can act similarly to the garage heat, creating a super-large radiant heater, making you throw money away trying to cool your home.  Installing a solar powered attic fan will help draw cooler air from the outside and push the super heated out.  This will only work if your attic is properly insulated.  To be sure,  get a home energy audit before you begin installing the new attic fan.  An improperly insulated attic can draw cool air out, pushing your energy bills even higher.

Energy Efficiency is Just the Beginning

Making the decision to save a little green can help you go green at the same time.  Whether it is implementing energy efficient solutions to lower your energy bills or using water saving tips for your lawn or garden, you can make a difference.

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