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Infographic: Exploring the triple bottom line and the businesses that aspire to "do no harm and benefit all."

Companies Are Embracing the Triple Bottom Line

Social media and the Internet are fueling a growing consumer awareness of companies that are eco-friendly — embracing technology and processes that are environmentally and socially sustainable. Being “green” is not just about recycling anymore. Today’s consumers expect that large companies with global influence, all the way down to small businesses and local entrepreneurs, will practice stewardship of the Earth, engage in local community activism and ethically handle corporate financial issues.

Embracing the Triple Bottom Line

Companies embrace the triple bottom lineKeen to this new consumer paradigm, businesses around the globe are putting triple bottom line principles into full practice. Also referred to as, “people, planet, profit,” the triple bottom line is allowing companies to produce their products and services in ways that are socially, environmentally and economically responsible

This infographic, created by the University of Vermont Online, explains how businesses are using triple bottom line principles to help create a healthier and sustainable environment. It also shows how an emphasis on social awareness can help local communities thrive, and how increasing profits and reducing waste can give companies a serious competitive advantage.

Businesses that aspire to, “do no harm and benefit all,” are becoming the companies that more and more eco-minded consumers are showing their loyalty to. By concentrating on the triple bottom line, these companies are not only helping the planet and its people, but they are helping to assure their own longevity as well.

The Triple Bottom Line: Exploring the Three Pillars of Sustainability Inforgraphic

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Infographic by The University of Vermont Online, your source for Sustainability Programs Online.

Additional Image: Flickr: Swisscan’s collection

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