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The Bolt vs. Model 3: Get the lowdown on the biggest competition in EVs

Comparison: Tesla Model 3 And Chevy Bolt

Two American car companies plan a big leap into the electric vehicle (EV) market in the coming year. Tesla will release its most affordable vehicle, the Model 3, while Chevrolet releases the all-electric Bolt.

The automotive industry will watch both cars with great interest. Japan-based Toyota has dominated the EV market for years with the Prius. However, a recent recall of 92,000 cars for brake issues could further open the door for the two U.S. companies to make inroads into the market.

California-based Tesla will make the Model 3 available for delivery in late 2017, according to the Tesla site. The Chevy Bolt is expected to hit the market in the fall of 2016, according to Chevrolet.

What follows compares the expected features and pricing for the two cars, based on information from Tesla and Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Bolt Features

Chevy Bolt vs. Tesla Model 3Chevrolet teamed with LG Korea to produce the Bolt – not to be confused with the hybrid Volt. Factories in Korea will produce the battery and drivetrain while the final assembly for the car will happen at a newly renovated General Motors plant in Detroit.

Some of the features of the new car:

  • The driving range with a full charge is 238 miles.
  • The car comes in eight different colors: white, two different shades of metallic, blue, orange, red, grey and black
  • The optional 240-volt charging unit gives you a 25-mile range for every hour you charge
  • A 10.2 inch display screen to the driver’s right through which you can control most of the car’s functions as well as keep track of energy used and estimated driving range

The Premier edition adds a rear camera mirror, leather-wrapped steering wheel and surround vision.

Tesla Model 3 Features

The Tesla Model 3, produced by Tesla Motors, will be manufactured in Fremont, Calif. As of May 2016, the company had taken more than 373,000 reservations for the car from buyers.

Some of the Tesla Model 3 features:

  • Zero to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds
  • A range of 215 miles on a full charge
  • An optional battery pack can extend the range to more than 300 miles
  • A trunk in the front and the rear
  • Tesla calls the interior “vegan friendly” – no leather used


On its website, Chevrolet confirms the price for the 2017 Chevy Bolt. The starting price for the base model LT is $37,495. Tesla advertises the Model 3 as starting at $35,000.

Either way you go, both cars offer amazing range and plenty of features. The Tesla offers a sporty look, while the Bolt compares favorably to the compact hatchbacks that have become popular in recent years. And both come from American car companies and are built in America, something that has not been said about cutting edge vehicles for quite some time.

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