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Bamboo flooring is a rapidly renewable wood which can spice your home decor with a little eco-friendly flare.

Eight Serious Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

As more and more people turn away from traditional wood flooring, the popularity of bamboo flooring continues to rise. Unlike most types of wood, one of the benefits of bamboo flooring is that it is in plentiful supply and more simple to replenish. It is therefore the logical choice for those who want wood floors but are unwilling to contribute to the destruction of the worlds rainforests.

Though most people are aware of the fact that bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly choice, many are surprised to discover how many other benefits it offers. Should you be considering bamboo for your flooring needs, here are eight reasons why you might be on to something.

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring: The Green Choice

Bamboo flooring is the green choiceThe primary benefit of bamboo flooring is of course it’s environmentally friendly nature. Unlike the majority of wood suited to flooring, it’s available in vast supply. Bamboo trees also reach maturity significantly faster than most trees and this means that when a forest is cut down, it doesn’t take decades to replenish itself.  This means that bamboo is classified as a rapidly renewable wood or timber source.

Bamboo is Widely Available

In the past, bamboo flooring wasn’t particularly popular. If you wanted it, you had to search high and low for it. However, thanks to its increased popularity, it’s now available just about everywhere. Walk into just about any flooring store and you should be able to purchase this green product. This means less searching and the ability to purchase locally. Find Bamboo Flooring on

A Touch of Class to Any Home

Bamboo floors are warm and inviting. They can add a touch of class and refinement to just about any room. Unlike many aspects of interior design, bamboo floors are neither a trend or a fad, making them a timeless addition. You can install them in your home, safe with the knowledge that they’ll look just as good ten years from now.

The Versatility of Bamboo Flooring

Another aesthetic advantage of bamboo flooring is that it comes in a wide range of different shades and grains. This is an advantage for two reasons. Regardless of a rooms existing furnishings, you are bound to be able to find a shade of bamboo that matches. Secondly, because it varies so much, you can install bamboo flooring throughout your home without it getting boring.

Bamboo is Strong and Durable

Bamboo flooring is incredibly durable. You can install bamboo floors in just about any area of your home. You don’t need to worry about foot traffic and you certainly don’t need to worry about spilled drinks. In fact, bamboo flooring is so strong that it generally comes with a twenty five year guarantee.

Green Wood Flooring on a Budget

Though bamboo flooring is certainly more expensive than that often toxic carpeting, compared to most woods, it’s actually pretty cheap. Though it is possible to pay a lot for high end bamboo, on the lower end, it’s a great choice for those on a budget. Keep in mind that unlike many budget flooring options, bamboo never looks cheap.

Quick and Easy to Install

Savings can also be made by installing bamboo flooring yourself. Though it might take you a day or two, the process is generally pretty straightforward. Considering the generally high cost of flooring installation, this is a pretty serious advantage. Should this idea sound a little daunting, you can expect professionals to have your new floor ready in just a few hours.

Bamboo is Highly Adaptable

Finally, bamboo floors can be installed just about anywhere. It is far less sensitive to temperature changes than stone or tile. It can therefore be installed in just about any climate. Unlike stone or tile, it can be laid over just about anything. While stone and tile generally require some kind of laminate, bamboo flooring can be laid over plywood which is significantly cheaper that the alternatives.

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