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The EPA established WaterSense to help consumers and business conserve water and save money.

Save Water With WaterSense Bathroom Fixtures and Faucets

There are television shows dedicated to the “do it yourself” or “DIY” audience focusing on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms just to improve the aesthetics or resale value.  Many of these shows fall short for many people looking to live the sustainable lifestyle by not focusing on water conservation methods or similar green practices.  By including green products into your renovation you could save hundreds of dollars on your water bill and reduce your water consumption by thousands of gallons each month.   Not to mention, these additions will add even more resale value to your renovation.

While we have previously discussed how leaky toilets waste water and that low flow shower heads conserve water, we now can help you find the product that works best.  The EPA introduced a standard called WaterSense, helping you pick water conserving green products that won’t impact performance.

Find Affordable WaterSense Bathroom Fixtures Now!

What is WaterSense and How Does it Work?

Conserve water with WaterSense productsWaterSense is a partnership program that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created to protect the future of America’s water supply.  This is done by offering consumers an easy way to use less water with water-conserving products, new homes, and services.  WaterSense brings consumers and businesses together, by creating a certification program that business go through so that they may use the WaterSense Label.  The EPA states that this “provide[s] consumers with easy ways to save water, as both a label for products and an information resource to help people use water more efficiently.”

Get Your WaterSense Faucets and Fixtures on

WaterSense LogoWhen looking for green products that help conserve water, look for the WaterSense label.  In order for a product to have the WaterSense label it must obtain independent third party certification.  These green products must also prove that they are at least 20 percent more water efficient than average products in that particular category.  The WaterSense label is found on shower heads, bathroom sink faucets and accessories, new homes, toilets, urinals and irrigation controllers.  Some service providers, such as landscape irrigation professionals, may also be certified and use the label.

Check out the EPA’s calculator to find out how much you could save: EPA WaterSense Calculator

Taking the Next Step in Water Conservation

Some of these water saving products cost less than a nice dinner out and can help protect one of our most precious resources.  Not to mention, reduction in water consumption means lower costs on your water bill as well.  Therefore, taking the leap and implementing WaterSense fixtures can quickly add up, paying back the cost of the fixtures and putting some green in your pocket.  Take on this simple DIY project and let WaterSense labeled products help you conserve water today.

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