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Going green can be simple and affordable if you follow these tips and take it one step at a time.

Shop Green without Busting Your Wallet

While many people want to shop green and in an eco-friendly way, they also want to do so while saving money. While the task may seem daunting, there is a good bit that you can do to ensure that you’re purchases are friendly to both the environment and your wallet.

Stock up on Coupons for “Green” Products

Shop green and save moneySome web pages make shopping a little less costly by supplying eco-friendly shoppers with coupons that can help cut the cost of their green or organic products such as produce, medications, and cleaning products. These coupons are available for anyone to use, both in printable and mobile ways.

Buy Only What You Need

Another great way to save money while trying to “Go Green” is to try to shop for inexpensive organic produce and foods. You can buy healthy, less-preservative rich foods without breaking your budget every month.

Making a shopping list before you leave the house to go shopping for your organic goods is one of the best ways to save money while shopping. Dividing your groceries up into portions before storing them is also a great way to start using less at a time with your groceries.

Buy Reusable Products for Long-Term Savings

When you start considering the little things you can do to shop green without spending too much money, going green really is easier than you think. You can buy one or two sturdy, reusable water bottles to refill with water rather than spending money on tons of plastic bottles of water that you just throw out.

There are also many materials that we buy on a regular basis such as trash bags, some types of thread, and even clothing that are made of recycled materials and are usually more durable than the cheaper. Parents of infants can save money using cloth diapers rather than buying hundreds of plastic diapers that will never disintegrate in landfills.

Buy Cheaper Items with Less Packaging

As far as all of your other supplies and materials that are used around the house almost every day—such as toilet paper, soaps, and other items—you can buy these from local markets where vendors often use natural materials in their products, and often times use no packaging other than a decorative string or sticker. These are much better for the environment than the traditional packaging. As an added perk, these are usually much less expensive to buy than average, packaged things that come from a major store.

These are just a few of the easy ways to start “going green” without spending more money than you should on household items. Start small and try to maintain your new habits as much as possible. In no time, your wallet and the world around you are both going to thank you for changing the way you spend and live.

Lola Andersonis the mother of two energetic boys. She writes and works to maintain the health of her family, the health of the environment, and the health of her credit through KEL Credit Repair daily.

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