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It's that time of year again, time to clean and organize for summer, but can you clean green?

Spring Cleaning Using Green Products

Finally, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, a sign that Spring has arrived. We hate to be the party poopers but this also means it is time for Spring cleaning. Time to get organized and clean those hard to reach areas, like behind the refrigerator, my favorite task (note the sarcasm). However, many Americans will actually be exposed to harmful cancer causing toxic chemicals just by trying to clean their homes. So this year, stay committed  to the sustainable lifestyle and complete your Spring cleaning using green products.

Spring Cleaning Using Green Products: Know Your Choices

Spring Cleaning Using Green Products Can Help You Stay HealthyNow that you have committed to Spring cleaning using green products (see how we just signed you up there), you need to find out what a green product is and how you can find them.  We prefer to describe a green product as one that has less of an environmental impact or is less detrimental to human health than the traditional product equivalent.  You must also realize that no product is ever 100 percent green, since all product development will have some impact on the surrounding environment. However, plenty of eco-friendly options exist.

Let’s focus on green cleaning products, since they can create a healthier environment and will help your Spring cleaning along. First, look for true green products that have third-party certifications such as the Green Seal, EcoLogo, ECOCERT or Design for the Environment (DfE) as they all follow performance standards. You can find products like Simple Green or similar top green brands at your grocery store or even online on sites like

When Spring cleaning using green products you want to plan ahead. Green cleaning products often use lactic acid, citric acid or hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. While these are considered safer alternatives to harsh chemicals like bleach, they can take a little longer to work. So let them sit for a moment before scrubbing, your arms will thank you!

Reduce, Reuse and Freecycle

Life is not a race or contest to see who can collect the most stuff, though we often live as if it was. Consider reducing the amount of clutter in your home by finding alternative uses for what you are no longer using. Old t-shirts for example make great rags for cleaning cars, boats or anything really. You can also recycle aluminum foil by washing it in the dishwasher, this may actually save you a few bucks as well. Lastly, before you toss any item, ask yourself if someone else could use it. Sites like make it easy to find a new home for lost treasures.

Before Spring slips away, get your cleaning and organizing out of the way. By doing so in a more eco-friendly manner while removing toxins from your home, you can breathe easy knowing you are doing the right thing.

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