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Earth Hour has come and gone but you can choose to make it stick around forever.

Earth Hour is Over but Sustainability is Here to Stay

There was little fanfare or fireworks to commemorate Earth Hour but the effects were seen around the globe. Landmarks from New York’s Empire State Building to China’s Great Wall flipped off the lights to commemorate Earth Hour, raising awareness and support for taking environmentally sustainable action.  Earth Hour started back in 2007 and according to the organization’s press release; in 2011 it reached over 1.8 billion people across 135 countries on every continent.  In the same release, Earth Hour Global claims that Earth Hour is heralded as “the World’s largest campaign for the planet.”

Lights Out for Mother Earth

Earth Hour for Sustainable LivingWith the world population above 7 billion people, creating a sustainable earth has never been more important to society. Earth Hour provides an opportunity for each of the 7 billion individuals to show their commitment to change, by acting as one force creating an interconnected community.  While it would be difficult to predict or even measure the amount of energy saved from a single hour of darkness, what can be assumed is that with it being a global event it is not a drop in the bucket.  The important fact to consider is what would be the impact if we did this once per month, or even per week?

While Earth Hour has come and gone it does not mean you can’t still participate.  You can make your own Family Hour, taking time to enjoy the planet without the noise of modern gadgets.  It is actually quite simple, grab your family as the sun begins to fade, switch off all the electronics in your home and step outside.  You can have a picnic under the stars, have a conversation about the day’s event or just enjoy the company of your friends and family.  I can tell you from experience, unplugging for just one hour can really be refreshing, not to mention eco-friendly at the same time.

Official Earth Hour Video

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