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Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: 4 Tips for Retirement

How to Go Green During Retirement

Retirement is an achievement that most people look forward to at some point in their lives. However, while retirement does give you more time to do the things you love, there is almost always less money to work with. In addition, many retirees are becoming increasingly concerned about the state of the environment and would like to do what they can to leave the world a better place for their loved ones. By following through with a few tips on how to go green during retirement, it is possible to save money and help the Earth at the same time.

Think About Moving to Go Green During Retirement

Tips to go green during retirementParticularly if you have a large home, consider downsizing to something a bit smaller. Not only will you pay less in property tax and energy bills, but it will also be easier for you to clean and maintain your property. As you prepare to move, think carefully about where you would like to relocate. While it may be tempting to move far away, for many parents and grandparents, it is often more important to live near family members. Doing so will save money on travel costs and cut back on energy consumption.

Make Small Changes To Your Diet

As you get older, it is important to eat as healthy as possible. Organic foods do not contain as many harmful chemicals as their alternatives. In addition, buying organic helps save energy and cut back on pollution. While organic food is often more expensive than the alternative, you can balance the increased cost by cutting back on the amount of meat that you eat. Meat farms create a lot of pollution and greenhouse gases. Meat is also expensive. Therefore, substitute one or two meat meals per week with a fruit and vegetable based meal.


Find a group in your area that is dedicated to helping the environment. It doesn’t cost anything to join, and there is the potential to both make new friends and help out with important environmental issues. The Internet should help you locate a group that you are interested in, or visit a senior community center in your area and ask what your options are.

Plant A Garden

Home-grown foods and vegetables taste better than anything you can buy at the store, and you shrink your carbon footprint with every harvest. You don’t need a lot of space at your Glen Head real estate property to set up a thriving garden, and you may find that the “work” is quite enjoyable and relaxing.

By making a few small changes in your daily life, you will find that your retirement years are more fulfilling. You will be able to save a little money so that you have what you need to enjoy your life with your family and friends.  Live the sustainable lifestyle and go green during your retirement!

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