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Use Green Staging Techniques to Help Your Home Stand Out

Draw in Prospective Buyers with 5 Green Staging Strategies

Properly staging a house is important in today’s uncertain economy. As the number of eco-friendly home buyers increases, it creates a unique market for green homes. There are fewer green homes available compared to conventional houses, so to make a green home stand out to the environmentally conscious buyer, here are five green staging strategies sellers should implement.

Highlight Eco-Friendly Features in Your Green Home

Green homesEco-friendly potential home buyers want to know about the green features of the home, so document eco-friendly modifications that were made. Draw attention to any HVAC upgrades and energy efficient appliances or faucets and plumbing fixtures that help conserve water. Focus on green insulation, lighting, flooring or other sustainable building materials used in the home. Specify natural, reusable or sustainable materials used in the cabinets, back splashes and counter tops.

If the walls in the home need to be repainted, use Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), low VOC paint or natural paints. These water based paints are easy to clean and are easy to dispose of since they are non-toxic. Additionally, use environmentally friendly paintbrushes, roller covers and paint trays.

Embrace The Commitment To Green Living

Stand behind the commitment to green living by putting it on display. Stage the home with upcycled or re-purposed furniture already found in the home or reinvented bargains from an antique store, thrift store or flea market, if possible. For furniture that has seen better days, give it new life. For example, try reupholstering a chair with old sweaters found in the back of a closet or other unused materials. Try slipcovering an outdated couch. Make a table out of an old door or turn an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. In situations where it is necessary to purchase new furniture intended to make the move to the new house, choose furniture that is durable and made from natural and sustainable fabrics and materials.

Make recycle stations and recyclable paper bins easily visible in the home. In the bathroom, use natural cotton towels or bamboo linens. Display natural soaps and candles. Showcase green projects, such as coasters made out of old worn-out carpet cut into squares.

Use Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Close to the front entrance to the house, choose plants that are organically grown and utilize organic lawn care and gardening. Have a rain barrel outside and a compost bin. Only use organic gardening products that are pesticide free. It is best not to have any non-organic lawn care supplies at the home, even in the garage or shed.

Decorate Inside With Clean-Air Plants

Add clean air plants to a home to improve air quality. Clean air plants produce oxygen and absorb pollutants, making them natural deodorizers. Spider plants, philodendron, English Ivy, and Peace lilies are a few of the plants that are good air filters. Avoid plants that are toxic if eaten by a pet or are not good for people with allergies.

Use Green Cleaning Supplies

Use eco-friendly or natural cleaning products and store them where buyers will be able to see them. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies may be plant based and are free of toxic chemicals. Natural cleaning products can be found around the house and can include vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

There are many benefits to green staging. It showcases the green features of the Hewlett real estate property to potential buyers, helps support healthier living and enables the buyer to visualize other green ideas that can be used in the house. Green staging also keeps the seller thinking about green living for their new home and ultimately helps protect the environment.

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