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Embrace the Environment with Green Boating Tips

Green Your Boat: Tips to Go Green on the Water

There’s nothing quite like taking a boat out in the summer. Even though the weather has cooled off now, many owners and enthusiasts are already looking forward to getting back out on the lake or the ocean and immersing themselves in nature. However, much like cars, boats can actually be quite harmful to the environment. Unlike cars, however, there isn’t as much information in the news about how to “go green” when boating. Still, it is relatively simple to make a few meaningful changes and reduce your carbon footprint while out on the boat.

Green Your Boat: Clean With Eco-Friendly Products

Green your boat: Tips to go green on the waterRemember that any cleaning products you use while out on the boat could potentially get into the water. Therefore, do what you can to get the boat in shape while it is on land. Use a tarp to ensure that your waste doesn’t contaminate the land around you. In addition, seek out eco-friendly products like boat washes and multi-surface cleaners that are biodegradable and water-based. There are a number of options on the market, and they typically clean as good (or better!) than their more harmful counterparts.

Switch Out The Lights

It is quite common to find a number of different lights on a boat, including recessed lights, dome lights and spot lights. Many boat owners are not aware that there are LED options for most of these, and in many cases, the lamp base does not have to be switched out.

Traditional florescent lamps are problematic because of the mercury that they produce; in contrast, LED bulbs are as green as it gets right now. They don’t contain mercury or other toxins, and they simply work better than fluorescent lights. In addition, they have a long life span, typically burning for two decades or more before going out, and they do not use up as much energy as the alternatives on the market. Make the switch!

Use Clean Energy

Similar to RV solar panel kits , the clean energy kits for boats are probably the best option right now for individuals interested in tapping into a green energy source. The kits will keep things running normally if batteries on board the ship suddenly run out. In addition, you can also purchase portable solar panels that are useful in charging other electronic devices that you bring on board.

A wind turbine may also be an option in the near future. Right now, some commercial boats are able to use vertical axis turbines when out on the water. These turbines cut back on power bills, and in some cases, take care of the boat’s energy needs completely. A smaller turbine, more suitable for personal boats, has been created but is not yet on the market.

Going green is a process. You don’t have to do everything all at once. Instead, choose a starting point and work to become a little more eco-friendly each year. Regardless of what you decide to do, you are having an impact and making a difference. Use the colder months to figure out your plan of action for the spring, and enjoy your new, “greener” boating experience!  So get to it, green your boat!

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