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Become a Sustainable Pet Owner with Our 6 Tips of Success

6 Tips to Becoming a Sustainable Pet Owner

When people hear Eco-friendly or sustainability pets aren’t the first thing that come to mind. In fact, not a lot of people even know they can have a positive impact on the environment by being a sustainable pet owner.

Sustainable Pet Owner Tips

Compare your pet care choices to see how you’re affecting the world around you.

Buy Earth Friendly Pet Products

Sustainable Pet OwnerGetting to the most obvious one first, pet care products are a terrific way to be a sustainable pet owner. Over 10 million tons of pet waste is generated each year in America. Pet waste bags made of non recyclable materials heavily contribute to the plastic pollution problem. Biodegradable pet waste bags are made from plants and can be easily composted.

Compost Your Pets Poo

Being a sustainable pet owner can be as simple as putting your pets waste in a compost pile or bin. Not the same compost you would use for food crops, but flowers or ornamental plants benefit greatly from this nutrient packed waste. The organic material will break down and when mixed with soil or other plant materials, it creates a potent natural fertilizer.

Recycle and Re-purpose

Pet food and treats come in all kinds of packaging. Metal cans, plastic bags and cardboard boxes are the most common, but what can you do about it? A family member of mine for example uses the 50 pound dog food bags as trash bags. The metal cans are worth money at a scrap yard and when you think about how many cans you use per year, the total will surprise you. Other sustainable pet owners re-purpose the cans & cardboard boxes for craft projects and DIY containers. By combining your creativity and online craft ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Homemade Pet Treats

Another great way to be a sustainable pet owner is to make your own treats. This not only cuts down on wasteful packaging, but it also ensures your pet is getting a healthy and delicious snack! I know..who has the time? A treat can be as simple as a green bean so take a moment to research some easy treat ideas and see how easy it is to transition to this growing trend.

Hire professional dog walkers

When deciding who should care for your loved ones while you’re away, consider the benefits of using a professional dog walker or pet sitting service. Quality service providers will be insured, bonded and follow local pet ordinances created to keep pets and the environment safe. Sustainable pet owners can rest assured that their furry friends are being well cared for while also making a positive contribution to your local area.

Adopt from a shelter

Perhaps the greatest impact you can make as a sustainable pet owner is to adopt your next pet from a shelter instead of buying one from a breeder or pet store. Over 2 million pets are euthanized each year. Think about that for a moment.. 2 MILLION! That’s just unacceptable and unfortunately this number is growing. Shelter pets are already spayed or neutered and have been vaccinated to protect them from disease. The cost is often less to adopt vs buying one as well.

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