Water Conservation

Car washes that use recycled water systems can help conserve water and reduce waste water.

Facts About Green Car Wash Systems and How They Conserve Water

The car wash industry is a $23 billion economic sector which is expected to continue its growth over the next decade.  Many have come to ask whether there are green car wash systems, or solutions that can help conserve water, especially as sustainable business practices take hold.  Interestingly, the car wash industry is incentivized to conserve water and other resources as it can impact the bottom line.  This is good news for advocates of water conservation, especially with water reclamation techniques that are in use today.  Take a moment to understand the facts out green car wash systems and how they can help you maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Conserving Water: Facts About the Car Wash Industry

Green Car Wash System Conserve WaterMost Americans would be surprised to learn that those automated car washes are nearly 10 times more efficient at conserving water than washing your car on your own.  According to the Southwest Car Wash Association, a self serve car wash will only use about 18 gallons of water, while the larger conveyer based units can utilize up to 40 gallons.  Compare this to the average person washing their own car in the driveway, which can consume up to 140 gallons of water.  To further put this type of water consumption in perspective, an average shower can use up to 40 gallons, therefore you likely use much more water washing yourself than your car.

On average, professional car wash systems consume less than 0.2 percent of the total municipal water supply.  This means they don’t even rank within the top 1000 of top water consuming businesses, within most municipalities.

Car Wash Water Recycling Systems Make Conserving Water Easy

Many modern car wash water reclamation systems can recycle 100 percent of the water that is able to be re-captured.  Through a series of tubes, filters and pumps, used water is cleaned to the point it can be stored and wash another car when called upon.  This is one of the most efficient ways to conserve water, while reducing waste water and the toxic contaminants within it.

From the green car wash business owner perspective, a proper water-recycling system can easily save 50 percent to 60 percent or more on water and sewer discharge bills. With increasing usage fees being assessed for water in most municipalities today, a wash with reasonably decent volume will be able to save thousands of dollars per year in water costs by employing a water-recycling program.

Think Green When Keeping Your Car Clean

While some take pride in washing their “baby” or want to help a local charity by letting some teenager wash your car, realize you may actually be contributing to the wasting of our most precious resource.  Learn to conserve water and use an efficient green car wash to save water and maybe even a little time.

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