Water Conservation

Swimming pools can provide fun in the sun and act as a family gathering place but they can also be water wasters.

Smart Water Conservation Tips for Swimming Pools

We all realize that swimming pools are a luxury and are not really needed for daily life, though as a pool owner I must defend the choice of pool ownership as it is a great way to enjoy family time.  While pools can be notorious energy hogs and water wasters, there are ways to minimize the environmental impact.  With nearly 10,000,000 pools in the U.S. and around 6,000,000 hot tubs these water conservation tips can really make a difference if used by pool owners across America.  The next time you jump in that backyard pool, take a close look and make sure you have done your part to help conserve water.

Water Conservation Tips for Swimming Pools and Spas

Smart Water Conservation Tips for Swimming PoolsEvaporation is a pool owner’s worst enemy when it comes to conserving water.  Over the course of a year, more than half the water in the pool can evaporate.  It is because of this that most of the smart water conservation tips for swimming pools revolve around reducing evaporation.  There are also quick fixes that can be done to help reduce waste caused by overly excited children or even damaged pipes.  The water conservation tips for swimming pools we have compiled will help save our most precious natural resource and may even save you some money along the way.

Top Tips to Reduce Water Waste

  • Cover the Pool: Basic pool cover can reduce evaporation by 30% to 50% and will also insulate the water from outer elements, this helps keep the temperature constant.
  • Block the Wind: Wind barriers like plants, fences and similar can also cut evaporation and heat loss by keeping the wind from whipping across the surface.
  • Control Splashing: Reducing the amount of water in the pool can also help reduce the waste water from splashing when the little ones are doing cannon balls and horsing around.
  • Fix Costly Leaks: Leaks can cause over 100,000 gallons of water to be wasted in a single pool over the course of a year.  If you notice your pool is using more water than it should check for leaks immediately.  A helpful resource on how to check for leaks in your swimming pool is on poolcenter.com, they even show that many fixes are cheap and easy.

Find Pool Covers and Pool Supplies

While pools offer a getaway from the winter blues, it is important to keep your sustainable lifestyle in mind when owning or managing a pool.  Pools do use our freshwater supply which is a very scarce resource since less than 1% of the Earth’s water is fit for human consumption, this makes water conservation critical to our survival.  The next time you are having some fun in the sun, make sure your pool is as green as possible.

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