Water Conservation

We often take our fresh water for granted, but what happens when it runs out?

5 Reasons Why Water Conservation is Important for Your Family

In our previous articles about water conservation and the limited supplies of fresh water we have, it was clear that water is one of our most precious resources.  Considering that every single person on the planet needs water to survive, it seems strange that many of us would have no problem leaving the tap water running but we would go to war if someone tried to steal our oil supply.  While learning about electric vehicles and saving some money on home energy is important, take a moment and get back to basics.  For the sake of your family and the survival of our future generations, explore these 5 reasons why conserving water is important to you.

The Importance of Water Conservation

Save the oceans and conserver waterReason #1:  Without fresh water you will die in just a few days.  Plain and simple, no sugar coating, it is a simple morbid fact that helps drive the point across, water equals life.  Most of us learn this along the way, so why are you complacent when you see fertilizers, oil and other pollutants pour into rivers and streams each time it rains?  Would you eat a fish with some weed killer marinade, or drink water with a nice motor oil sheen on top?

Reason #2:  Using less water keeps money in your pocket.  By utilizing basic water conservation techniques you are able to save thousands of gallons of water each year.  You do the math, use less water and the water company charges you less money.  That sounds like a good deal all around.

Reason #3:  Protecting our natural eco-systems from further damage is critical, especially for the survival of some endangered species.  The oceans, streams and lakes that are the lifeblood of so many local eco-systems are used as dumping grounds, hurting everything that relies on these water sources.  The great pacific garbage patch is a great example of the worst side of our wasteful practices.

Reason #4:  Conserving water can also save energy.  In order to pump the water from a central facility into your home or office, energy is required to run that equipment.  For example, studies have shown that in California alone, 6.5 percent of all energy consumed goes towards moving water from one place to another.  So saving water means using less energy which reduces your carbon footprint and helps the country become more energy independent.

Reason #5:  For our friends in Florida and other areas prone to sinkholes, water conservation can actually reduce the occurrence of sinkholes.  When the natural aquifers run low, it leaves a gap where water once was.  Simple gravity pushes the ground downward since there is now a void and voila, you have a sinkhole.

Do More With Less

Using simple water conservation techniques can help cut your water usage by more than half.  If you commit just a little extra effort each day you alone can make a difference.  Whether you try your hand at xeriscaping or just use a low flow shower head you can see reduced water bills within the first month.  Do the planet and our future generations a favor, conserve water and stay thirsty for more savings every day.

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    Ralph Feb 5 2018 - 5:24 PM Reply

    The amount of water on this planet has not changed in a billion years, we do not need to conserve it. We learn the water cycle in second grade, you don’t think the water you drink and put down the sink goes away forever do you?

    Reason 1: This has nothing to do with using less water since we literally cannot run out. “Potable” water is limited locally, but me flushing the toilet less will not help anyone in another city, much less around the world. I’m glad that you don’t like pollution though, but please stay on topic.

    Reason 2: Water is cheap, or maybe you just need a better job.

    Reason 3: Completely unrelated, maybe this fact-light writing style is why you write here instead of somewhere that pays enough for you to flush every time you poop.

    Reason 4: Conserving electricity, now that makes sense. Especially since the people here are so uneducated that they still burn things when we have the wonderfully clean nuclear option. If only every hippie were also a scientist…. But California is like the worst example (well best for you), that HUGE state has the perfect geography, climate, and politics to have water problems. I left my sink running while I typed this and it won’t effect California at all. So if this were on-topic, it would also be misleading non-facts.

    Reason 5: Honestly I think you made this up. But if it is true, it only means that people in Florida who get water from aquifers that they live over should water the lawn less. I’m also not sure about the mechanics of dry aquifers, do you have a citation? My grandpa always said sinkholes were the devil paying those people back, nothing good ever came out of Florida.

    Please do not think I do not care about the environment. I see all these comments and I think, these kids should care about something important, you are wasting their youthful vigor and will to make the world a better place with a fake problem.

    We will never run out of water, kids, and even if one place does, the rest of the world can’t do anything to help other than send water when they need it, or advise them to move. Look for a real environmental threat to deal with, that’s all I’m saying.

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