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What is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day?

On Jan. 10, National Cut Your Energy Costs Day asks consumers to focus on ways to reduce what they spend on energy. That, in turn, leads to less energy use and a reduction of the impact of carbons on the environment.

It doesn’t have to be a huge cost savings. National Cut Your Energy Costs Day is designed to encourage the small steps that can add up over time. To take bigger steps, you can check out renewable energy trends such as using more wind and solar, driving an electric car and investing in energy storage.

Even small steps can eventually lead to becoming a zero energy home.

Share On Social Media

Whatever step you decide to take on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, you are encouraged to share what you do on social media. That way, others can read about what you have done and potentially do it themselves, multiplying the cost and energy savings.

Those who participate are encouraged to tag their post with #CutYourEnergyCostsDay

How To Cut Your Energy Costs

Every long journey starts with a single step. You don’t have to put a new roof on your house or live off the grid to make a difference. Consider some of these steps to start saving money on energy.

Better Thermostat Management

The thermostat is always a great place to start with controlling energy costs. Most modern thermostats allow you to program the settings. That allows you to change settings so that either the air conditioning or heat does not run as much when you are out of the house or sleeping. Just that one strategy can save you a lot of money each month.


If you are a commuter, consider carpooling to work with others from your office. Having four people in one car splitting the cost of gas rather than all four paying for gas in their individual cars makes a big difference both in carbon emissions and your pocketbook. Most major cities now also have lanes for carpoolers, so you get the added benefit of getting to the office faster.

Take Shorter Showers

A long shower requires a lot of water, running up both the energy used to bring that water to you and your water bill. Cut down on your shower time and you will see a difference when the water bill arrives for the month.

Turn Off Lights

Many schools teach elementary students this trick, and for good reason. Turning off the lights when you leave a room saves a bundle on energy costs over time. Also, make sure to turn off all lights when you leave your home.

Unplug Electronics

If you leave an electronic device plugged in while you are not using it, it continues to draw on power even after it is fully charged. One idea is to plug your devices into a power strip and then turn that strip off so that everything gets shut down at once.

Go Electric

Electric cars are getting better and better in terms of performance. You can now choose an electric car from many different carmakers, including the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt and all the Tesla models. There also are electric or hybrid versions of many popular models and electric motorcycles. While you may not be able to make the purchase on Jan. 10, you can start making plans and setting aside money to do it later this year.

These tips are all smart moves to make on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. We all want to reduce the energy we use and the money we spend. This special day gives us the motivation we need to get started.

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