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As the electric vehicle market heats up, the demand for charging stations increases across the globe.

Bright Outlook for Green Jobs Associated to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

One of the main reasons that electric vehicle (EV) sales only account for 2 percent of the total U.S. vehicle purchases is because of consumers are experiencing “range anxiety.”  This is where someone is concerned that they will run out of power when they need it most, stranding them in the middle of nowhere or on the way home from the office.  With the many pressures associated to pollution control standards and emission reduction goals, the EV is targeted to become 60 percent of the market share in the next 20 years.  With such growth anticipated, the solution to solving range anxiety is to build out the infrastructure to support EVs, such as electric vehicle charging stations for both public and private use.

EV Charging Stations Are Expected to be a Billion Dollar Business

Electric Vehicle Charging StationThe infrastructure build outs are already starting to unfold leading to a growth of green jobs such as EV Infrastructure Directors, Electrical Contractors and EV charging station manufacturing positions.  Companies such as Better Place are working with states like Hawaii, to create robust EV charging networks.  Hawaii currently has over 130 public charging stations across the state and is providing free charging privileges through the end of 2012 to spur electric vehicle adoption.  There are all sorts of new green jobs hitting the market, such as Sustainability Specialists, who work with companies to identify sustainability projects that benefit the environment and the company.  A recent article highlighted New Belgium, the maker of Fat Tire beer, and their resident Sustainability Specialist who worked to implement a hybrid and EV delivery fleet.  Some industry experts see numerous marketing capabilities around EV charging stations. Similar to Wi-Fi installations, charging stations could help increase foot traffic to local shops by offering the convenience of a free or discounted charging station.

As with any major infrastructure build out, there are people that have to help plan, build and maintain the systems and support systems.  This equates to green job growth for skilled Electrical Contractors, Sustainability Specialists and EV Infrastructure Directors among many other fields.  Hans Streng, head of electrical vehicle charging infrastructure at ABB, said in an interview that “in about five-years’ time, the infrastructure side of the [EV charging station] business will be a billion dollar business.”  So whether you want to help with selecting charging host sites or work with contractor management and OEM dealer development, there may be green job waiting for you.

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