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Finding a green job does not mean having to find some high tech or advanced eco-friendly position.

Going Green: A List of Environmentally Friendly Careers

Unfortunately, green jobs have received a lot of negative press of late. Recent news stories that highlight some of the failures of government supported green initiatives are partly to blame. Still, it is important to realize that there are good things happening with green careers. The following five green jobs are adding more positions every day, improving the job outlook while helping the environment at the same time.

Going Green: A List of Five Environmentally Friendly Careers

Water Quality Technicians

Green Career: Environmental ScienceHaving access to quality drinking water is a concern in every country of the world. Water quality technicians can help locate water sources and even check to make sure that a sample of water is safe to drink. This job is growing rapidly; in the next six years or so, it is expected to add more new jobs than most other fields. This is due, in part, to the fact that the number of positions available is tied to the number of people in the world, a figure that is steadily increasing.

Pest Control Technicians

If you are looking for a NJ exterminator job, but you are also invested in the green movement, you’re in luck; integrated pest management is putting a new spin on this career. In the past, pest control specialists simply came out to a residence and immediately used pesticides to eradicate bugs. Today, technicians do much more than that. They help their customers understand the small changes that they can engage in that will make a huge difference with their problem. If all else fails, they will spray, but many companies are now using bio-pesticides, a natural substance that keeps little critters at bay.

Construction Workers

Families are increasingly interested in homes that are built with the environment in mind. Therefore, environmentally conscious construction workers are finding more opportunities available to them. For instance, bamboo is currently a popular choice in flooring and there are several green options available when it comes to how the temperature of a property is maintained. With a little knowledge and a lot of hard work, a builder can create a green home that will be enjoyed for many years.

Electric Automobile Engineers

While they are already popular, electric and hybrid automobiles are the way of the future. The vehicles that have currently been on the road for decades use up the majority of the available oil in the United States and contribute to about thirty-three percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, people who understand how to create an alternative to these cars are likely to find great job security in the future.

Natural Scientists

These individuals keep a close eye on the effect that humans are having on the environment. Particularly as non-renewable energy sources become more scarce, our society will have to be creative in how we try to solve the problem. Natural scientists are needed to ensure that things do not get out of control with our precious environment.

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