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Green jobs are growing across the country. Here are six already popular careers to consider.

Six Environmentally Friendly Careers to Watch

The number of green jobs continues to increase across the United States. As the country begins to realize that planning for future generations can also lead to profits, green initiatives will only grow in size and numbers. Getting prepared for the new green economy is a must, especially if you want to join the rising group of green collar workers.  These six careers are already very popular, and they are projected to grow even more in the future.

Six Environmentally Friendly Careers to Watch

Green Careers: Green Builders1.Green Builders

Across the country, builders are using environmentally friendly methods to build homes, educational institutions and other types of construction. An item as ordinary as a plastic bottle has the potential to be transformed into something that can support the building process. As a result, things that are otherwise seen as trash find a whole new purpose and avoid cluttering up landfills or harming the environment in other ways.

2. Natural Scientists

As people across the world strive to be kinder to the Earth, there is an increasing need to train individuals on how to evaluate the way that our actions are affecting the planet. In addition, these scientists need to be able to tell what is happening with our natural resources. For example, a natural scientist may test how acidic the ocean is to provide data regarding climate changes.

3. Green Automobile Engineers

Cars are a huge detriment to the environment; they eat up more than half of the United States’ oil, and they generate about 33 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, there is a demand to create automobiles that are safer for the environment and that do not use nonrenewable resources. Electric cars are the way of the future, but figuring out how to harness wind and solar energy to power these vehicles is still a large issue.

4. Wind Energy Workers

Wind power is on the rise, and it currently makes up more than 2 percent of all power created in the United States. Many think that wind power has the potential to generate a large portion of the world’s energy within the next 35 years or so. If that happens, more jobs will be needed in this burgeoning industry.

5. Recyclers

Recycling is big business in the U.S., particularly when it comes to paper. Last year, more than 50 percent of the paper used in this country was recycled instead of being thrown out. The process of reusing paper and other materials creates jobs for others and has a substantial effect on the environment. For every ton of paper that is saved, there is enough extra power to sustain a house in the United States for six months.

6. Pest Control Technicians

If you are interested in working for a pest control company, such as Danbury pest control, you may not realize that you can help the environment at the same time that you are battling bugs. There is a new push in this industry to move toward more environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of pests. This includes the use of bio-pesticides, a natural product that eradicates bugs.

The green economy is here to stay and considering that creating a sustainable earth can also generate revenue, we expect it to grow even further. Getting prepared now for the career of your future is the smart choice.  For additional resources check out our green job profiles and news about green jobs.

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