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Video: Green jobs offer a secure and lucrative career choice, you just have to know where to look.

Green Jobs Are Everywhere So Find Yours Today

As the economy begins to recover many people are still struggling to find work in a field that is secure and poised for growth.  That is where the green economy comes in, investments in clean energy and corporate sustainability are increasing, as are the green collar jobs that support it.  You don’t have to be an environmental scientist or know how to build a solar panel to start a green career, many companies are looking for traditional roles as well.  GreenTV created the video below, which can help you get started in finding a green job that is right for you.

Where to Find a Green Job

Breaking Down the Facts on Finding Your Green Collar Job

In the video, Leanna mentions a couple websites as resources for finding a green career that matches your needs.  The first site was, a site rich with news and green networking services to help sustainable businesses grow.  According their website, you can “find consulting work, the green job of a lifetime or experienced employees that are committed to sustainability.”

The second website mentioned was Green Environment News, another resource for green news and environmental reports.  This site also has a green job board that can help you locate sustainable careers using your zip code or you can perform a statewide search.

With a record 275 percent growth in renewable energy in just over a decade and the prevalence of green products such as electric vehicles, green jobs are on the right track.  In fact, you should be able to find a career that will utilize your existing skills, while helping you master some new ones.  All you have to do is know where to look.

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