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GE and Urban Green Energy unveil a new technology, sure to blow the doors off the electric vehicle market.

Wind Powered Electric Vehicles Become a Reality

Solved!  One of the most common arguments against electric vehicles (EVs) is that producing the energy to charge these cars will increase carbon emissions, due to the increased load on the power grid.  While there is a lot of data to challenge that concern, it may now become a moot point altogether.  This is because General Electric (GE) and Urban Green Energy (UGE) unveiled their new integrated wind-powered electric vehicle charging station.

Wind Power Charges the Cars of the Future

EV Charging StationThe gentle breeze is more powerful than you might imagine, it has the capability to produce enough energy to take you from 0 MPH  to 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds , if harnessed properly.  The Sanya Skypump is doing just that, powering a new breed of cars, like the Tesla Model S, from 100 percent renewable wind power, no sails required.  The system uses GE’s Durastation EV Charger combined with UGE’s 4K wind turbine to create enough energy to quickly charge an electric vehicle.  The first installation occurred in Spain with expansions expected in shopping malls and colleges across the U.S. and Australia.

Demand for these wind powered charging stations seems to be strong worldwide, based on comments from Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE . “Since launching the Sanya Skypump, we have received inquiries from companies around the world that are looking to embrace sustainability.”  He went on to explain that “the Sanya Skypump is one of those rare products that enable institutions to demonstrate their commitment to the environment while providing a really useful service as well.”

One Step Closer to Stopping Range Anxiety

With more charging stations becoming available, the concern over range anxiety will also fade into the history books.  Consumers often cite the nagging concern that an electric vehicle may run out of juice while on a road trip, without anyplace to easily recharge.  Even though most trips average around 20 to 40 miles, range anxiety has held the blossoming EV industry back for quite some time.  As GE, UGE and other companies begin to build out the infrastructure of EV charging stations, confidence will soon follow.  We can all look forward to the day when we make a pit stop and fill up on pure and clean renewable energy and then drive off into the sunset.


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