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These 5 tips can help you land a green career that will fatten your wallet and save the planet at the same time.

Finding a “Green” Career: Advice for Job Seekers

A green job is one in which the worker is able to do something that is beneficial for the environment or that helps to preserve natural resources. These careers are steadily increasing in numbers, as well as receiving more attention in the press, making them attractive options for many individuals. If you are interested in a green job, take the following five tips to heart.

Be willing to relocate.

5 Tips to Finding a Green JobIf you are serious about your job search, you have to go where the jobs are. The Internet is truly your best friend in this situation; there are a variety of websites out there that will show you which states have jobs available and provide in-depth information about what those jobs entail. They also have resources that will help match you to a job that you may be good at based on your skills.

Currently, Vermont and Washington, D.C. are two top choices for green job seekers, as they both have a good number of opportunities available.

Think outside the box.

When people consider a green career, they may not realize the variety of positions that are available. For instance, there is a great need for bus drivers; as more people make an effort to take public transportation to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles, there has been a steady increase in the demand for these workers. Other positions that you may not have considered to be “green” include certain interior designer jobs, personal trainers and electricians. To avoid missing out on an opportunity, thoroughly research the field(s) you are interested in to see what may be available.

Keep technology jobs in mind.

There is a strong link between the environment and the field of technology and it is growing every day. Certain technology positions focus on things like energy efficiency or even recycling. Taking into account, income potential and the number of job openings available, a couple of careers stand out as good possibilities. These include geoscientists, plumbers and construction managers.

Use the Internet and social media to your advantage.

You can find job opportunities or make strong green connections through social media services like LinkedIn. Also, research what nonprofit environmental groups are operating in your area and get in touch with them about volunteering to get some experience. You never know what other possibilities may open up to you as a result.

Green jobs can be found almost anywhere.

You don’t have to specifically search through green job boards if you want to find a position in the field. While some sites, like and, are devoted to this topic, there are many other options as well. Several “regular” job sites have areas that are specifically devoted to green careers; you can also use the search option on these sites to find jobs that you may be interested in. Since the majority of green job seekers will be on the other sites, give yourself an advantage by searching through these other options. And in parting, keep this Thomas Edison quote in mind “…everything will come to him who hustles while he waits”.

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