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4 Businesses that Make “Going Green” a Priority

Developing an Eco-Friendly Business Model: 4 Successful Green Businesses

It is easy to see why many companies are making the transition to a green way of doing business. While the process itself can be difficult, developing an eco-friendly business model and reputation pays off in the long run; for example, owners are often able to save a substantial amount of money on their energy bills, allowing them to fund other projects that make their company more competitive. Regardless of the size of your business, it is possible to begin developing eco-friendly habits. The following four companies are great models of how to run a green business.

Companies Developing an Eco-Friendly Business Model

These four companies are developing eco-friendly business modelsEco-friendly businesses are popping up all over the country. If you are interested in helping the Earth, but still want to make a profit, the companies listed below serve as a great model for other business owners. Remember, however, that small steps are often just as important as grand measures.  Embracing a green business model is the first step on the long road to sustainable business practices; encourage your company to take the first step.

MGM Resorts International

Las Vegas does not have a very “green” reputation. Still, some businesses are making strides in the quest to help the environment, and nowhere is that more evident than at MGM Resorts International. Rather than sending out an email blurb to employees about the importance of taking care of the Earth, MGM created a musical show that highlighted a variety of important environmental issues. They also have a recycling and water conservation program, and they have reduced their energy usage substantially in the past few years.


For more than 40 years, IBM has been invested in “green” practices, making strides to help the Earth before climate change was really on anyone’s radar. Not only is IBM committed to an eco-friendly way of doing business, they also feel it is important to help their consumers understand the benefits of taking care of the Earth. Their Smarter Planet Initiative was created for just that purpose.


Both emissions and fuel economy are important issues in today’s society, a fact that many automakers simply don’t want to deal with. Honda, however, isn’t shying away from the issue. In addition to creating two alternative fuel technologies, they are working with hydrogen to explore its potential to heat homes and power automobiles. In the past ten years, they have also committed themselves to cutting back on their CO2 emissions.


While saving energy is important to Sony, they also place great importance on volunteering in the community. Tens of thousands of employees have been involved in everything from building homes for the less fortunate to collecting food for those in need. While their reputation has obviously benefited as a result of these volunteer activities, the impact Sony is having on people around the world cannot be measured.

Whether you own a Baltimore pest control company or are starting an Internet marketing business, do what you can for the environment, and your business should benefit as a result.

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