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For the savvy entrepreneur looking to start a green business, the service industry offers surprising potential.

Going Green: Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Many people dream of starting up an eco-friendly business, but when it comes down to deciding which direction to go in, they often feel as though there are not many choices available to them. But, there are!

The Eco-friendly Business of Personal Services

Eco-friendly businessUnfortunately, the personal service industry is often overlooked, even though there is an increasing need for these types of services. In particular, many individuals are seeking ways to complete regular household tasks in a manner that is more environmental friendly and safer for their families. States across the country are increasingly adopting “greener” standards; for example, California recently put forth legislation that disallows the use of harmful chemicals. In part, they are phasing out a chemical called PERC, which is often utilized in dry cleaning businesses.

The process is already underway; nearly ten years ago, Southern California decreed that PERC machines could no longer be installed in any businesses. While existing machines can still be used, that too will be a thing of the past by the year 2023, even though the vast majority of dry cleaners currently still use the harmful neurotoxin. Consumers are taking cues from the government as well, seeking out housecleaning and other services that use eco-friendly products.

Eco Friendly Businesses Across America

Driven by consumer interest, more and more eco-friendly service businesses are now available all across America. Anyone considering starting such a business has a number of different directions that they could focus on. For example, green house cleaning is a burgeoning industry. These companies utilize cleaning products that do not have harmful chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and phosphates in them. Instead, they clean with products like baking soda and vinegar. Often, these businesses also utilize reusable towels, washing them every evening with an eco-friendly detergent. Along the same lines, dry cleaning and carpet cleaning businesses are also viable options for entrepreneurs.

Green pest control is possible as well, as businesses like a McAllen pest control company have demonstrated. Technicians service properties using a technique commonly known as integrated pest management, where they take a look at the situation and then work to cut off pests from food and whatever else they need to thrive. If a pesticide is necessary, a green alternative is offered, and they are used responsibly and only where necessary to limit usage. Likewise, many similar businesses such as lawn care, child care and pet care, and even real estate services are also heading in a green direction, as are catering and car wash businesses.

Society is increasingly recognizing the need to look for eco-friendly ways of living life. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this desire and get a business off the ground that benefits consumers as well as the environment.

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