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Seeking Green Employment? Check Out These 5 Job Possibilities!

Green Employment Options: 5 Popular Jobs With Immediate Availability

Earth Day is a great opportunity to pause and think about how important it is to care for and protect the environment. While many people need this day to remind them of what is important, others think about keeping the word clean and healthy almost every day of the year. People who have green jobs make it their mission to protect the Earth and its resources. If you are interested in working in an eco-friendly position, there are a number of options available to you.

Understanding Green Jobs

Land these top green jobsGreen jobs are exploding, in part because the issue of environmental responsibility is receiving more attention. Companies are being formed each day that offer eco-friendly services and products or that have an eco-friendly objective. In addition, the definition of a “green job” continues to expand and include new positions. Public awareness helps companies understand how important it is to implement green practices in the workplace, which then creates new jobs as a result.

Narrowing Down The Choices

Before you begin searching for a job, it is important to think about what type of company you want to work for. Some have tasks that are environmentally-focused, like solar companies, water resource agencies and conservation organizations. While your job with one of these companies may be fairly routine, it is still considered green because you are helping to support the company’s overall mission. There are also jobs that have strong ties to the environment, like ecologists or environmental advocates.

You may decide, though, that you would rather find employment with a company that is focused on environmental sustainability. These organizations don’t directly work with the environment, but they are “green” because they implement recycling programs or use alternative energy sources. In addition, don’t forget that work from home jobs are also eco-friendly; you don’t have to drive to get to work, the company does not need to provide an office space for you, and you are completely in control of whatever energy-saving techniques you decide to implement, like using less paper.

Landing A Green Job

If you are interested in finding an eco-friendly job, there are several good choices with immediate availability. Environmental engineers figure out how to solve environmental problems. They must have a four year degree as well as training in both engineering and science. Marketing specialists work with eco-friendly organizations, getting the word out about their activities and good works through social media, print materials and more. Conservation technicians get out in the field and work up close and personal with nature to collect data, work on restoration projects and monitor species. Generally, candidates for this position must have some experience with land management. Climate consultants travel often and work to help both organizations and governments get involved with sustainable resources. Finally, environmental lobbyists try and influence politicians to vote in a way that supports their organization’s interests.

Green workers play a vital role in society. Whether you are interested in one of the careers above or prefer something completely different, like an El Paso pest control technician, there are many opportunities for you to find a job you love while pursuing a cause you are passionate about.

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