Green Jobs

A guide to finding the most lucrative green jobs in today's eco-friendly economy.

Green Jobs with the Most Earning Potential

President Obama recently made green job creation a priority, stating that within the next twenty years, approximately five million new positions will become available. But the vast majority of Americans, however, don’t really know which careers qualify as “green” or which offer good salary opportunity.

Green Jobs with the Most Earning Potential

Fine the best paying green jobsThe best definition of a green job comes from Phil Angelides of the Apollo Alliance; he explained that an eco-friendly career must pay well, allow for upward mobility and cut back on pollution while helping the Earth in other ways as well. Still, even with this knowledge, it can be difficult to secure a position in the green field. The general consensus is that additional green jobs would help restore the economy, fight unemployment and help clean up the environment for future generations. For example, if the United States begins gathering at least 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources in the next ten years, that alone would generate approximately five million new positions. Helping both the economy and the Earth in this way is an idea that is garnering support from people across the country.

The Best Positions Currently Available

It seems safe to assume that green jobs will be an increasingly important part of our future. Universities around the country are already offering coursework to support these positions, and that should only increase. In addition, job seekers should see more opportunities for training by way of online classes and seminars. Still, there are a few positions that have been available for some time now that interested individuals can pursue.

At the top of the list, with the most earning potential, are computer software engineers, water resource specialists and green marketers. To be a computer software engineer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. You would be responsible for developing and testing operating systems, and the median salary for such a position is around $92,000.

Water resource specialists, in comparison, work to protect water supplies and the health of the people drinking from them. For a water resource specialist position, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to secure a job, and the median salary is approximately $112,000.

Finally, green marketers determine how best to market eco-friendly services and products. For instance, they might work with a Montclair Pest Control company to showcase their integrated pest management plan. A green marketing position also requires at least a Bachelor’s degree, and the median salary is about $80,000.

The number of green jobs is only expected to increase over the next decade. In addition to the careers listed above, keep your eyes open for jobs in the civil engineering, landscape architect and energy broker fields. With enough persistence, you can secure an eco-friendly position.

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