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7 Misconceptions About Marketing Green Products

Living a green lifestyle relies upon having access to green products. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing products available that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, marketing green products can be difficult due to the false beliefs that surround them. Dispelling the misconceptions about green product marketing is a necessary step to assure that the green product industry continues to grow and flourish.

Misconception 1:  Anything That is Natural is Safe

Green Cleaning Product MarketingTo market green products, it is important to make sure that the consumer understands that natural does not always mean safe. There are many things in nature that can harm or even kill a person. Just because poison oak is natural doesn’t mean it won’t cause a rash. Oleander and angel’s trumpet are lovely flowers, but they are also poisonous enough to be lethal. There are many things in nature that can be dangerous, which is why it is so important to purchase green products that are good for the environment and safe for the user.

Misconception 2:  Green Products are Hard to Find

Finding green products is no harder than finding any other product. Most grocery stores or online retailers offer green products. It is no longer necessary to take a trip to a specialty store in order to find them. The availability of green products also helps the environment since there is no need to use unnecessary gas on a drive to an organic retailer.

Misconception 3:  Green Products Don’t Work Well

Green products go through the same rigorous testing and research as any other product on the market. This means that by the time they reach the shelves of a supermarket, the products have been well-tested for quality. Green products are just as capable as their non-green counterparts.

Misconception 4:  Customers Aren’t Interested in Green Products

One of the most important parts of marketing is finding an audience interested in the product. This is why it is vital to dispel the myth that customers are disinterested in purchasing green purchases. Billions of dollars have been spent on green products, so the market is definitely there.

Misconception 5:  Plant-Based Products are Compostable

Just because a product is plant-based does not necessarily mean that it will be compostable. Where a product ends up is just as important as the ingredients of the product. Even compostable products will not be able to break down in a landfill. Compostable material cannot degrade unless they are treated at the right temperature within an industrial composting facility or backyard compost site.

Misconception 6:  Green Products are Too Expensive

People often worry that green products cost more than other products. Actually, green products are competitively priced. A lot of major brands have started developing green product lines. Not only are green products affordable, but they can also help a family save money. Using the right green products can reduce energy and water output which can lead to savings.

Misconception 7:  There is No Such Thing as a Green Product

Some consumers seem to think that the very existence of green products is a myth. Truthfully, no product can be entirely green because every product requires resources and produces some waste. However, green products are a much better option for the good of the planet. They help sustainability efforts and are much healthier for a family than chemical-laden products.

Marketing green products is a very important job. Showing consumers the benefits of purchasing and using these products starts with clearing up the misconceptions surrounding green product marketing. When consumers are well-informed, it is much easier to help guide them towards shopping choices that are better for their family and the environment.

This post was submitted by Gregory Digiovanni from Palm Harbor, FL. Greg is a Marketing Consultant and can help businesses market products from green to lean. Feel free to connect with Greg on LinkedIn.

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