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Recycling is a way of breaking down materials that take a long time to break down in the environment, making an old thrown out item into a new material to use.

5 Ways to Recycle Better

Recycling is a way of breaking down materials that take a long time to break down in the environment. Then makes an old thrown out item into a new material to use. So, we don’t throw it out to landfills and hurt the environment. 

Top ways to recycle in 2021When Covid- 19 hit, more and more people continued to throw away recyclables. More and more recyclables are ending up in trash piles that would hurt the environment. This means that we can be hurting animals, plants, and even us!

Why do we need to recycle?

Landfills have hundreds of millions of pounds of garbage. By recycling, we can reduce some pounds of garbage in landfills, so we have less trash. Recycling jobs can supply 1.1 million jobs for people all over the world, which can help our economy grow greatly. This means that people in the world can have jobs.

Recycling gives out less Greenhouse gases to the environment so we can have less pollution with cleaner air for all of us to breath. Without Greenhouse gases we can have cleaner waterways too. This means that people would have cleaner air to breath and have cleaner water for animals and humans to drink.

Recycling would benefit future generations by decreasing the landfills sizes, decreasing our reliance on natural resources, and decreasing water and air pollution. Also, people won’t need to go mining or cut down trees because we reuse the materials we already have and recycled.

Decompose Trash: How Long Does it Take

What’s wrong with landfills?

Landfills are materials that are thrown in a trash can and imported to an area full of other materials. People throw recyclables in the trash can and they are imported to landfills. A lot of recyclables take a long time to decompose. Plastic is one example because it is a material everybody throws away into landfills. It takes about 1,000 years to decompose and takes up a lot of space in landfills.

Landfills also take up a lot of space on the earth. This means that people, animals, and plants are losing places to live and that can lead to death of the animals or plants. Landfills create a lot of pollution that hurts our air and create greenhouse gases which can create global warming.

Some animals eat a lot of garbage that can impact them in very bad ways. Animals eating garbage that are too big for them to digest so it can make them not be able to breath. If we kill too many animals with trash that can conclude to extinction of species.

5 tips to recycle better

1. Participate in recycling. If more people start participating, there will be less trash in landfills and more trash being turned into different materials.

2. Recycle recyclables. Plastic, soda bottles, soda cans, bubble wrap, and clothing can be recycled and turned into different materials.

3. Buy recyclables. Get plastic plates instead of styrofoam because plastic plates can be recycled. styrofoam can’t be recycled.

4. Think what to throw away. Don’t throw away plastic because plastic takes forever to decompose. Instead recycle plastic.

5. Pick up trash on the road. A lot of people liter so you should pick them up and put them in a recycling can.

These are some tips to help you recycle better so the world can be heathier and cleaner. It is a great time to start helping out because Covid is keeping people indoors so people buy more recyclables and throw it away. Make every day Earth Day and do your part to help the Earth.

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