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9 Ways To Make Cash With Trash

For most people, trash is trash. But you are not most people. People throw away tons of garbage each year that, with just a little effort, could make cash with trash. It also would cut down on needlessly filling up landfills.

9 Ways To Make Money With Garbage

Cash With Trash

What types of garbage? The uses for garbage go far beyond what people might think. From yesterday’s coffee grounds to your out-of-date smartphone, plenty of uses can be found for trash that will convert them into cash.

Consider some of the following before tossing them away.


Bottles and cans can be cleaned and returned to grocery stores or recycling centers for profit, if local laws allow.

Coffee grounds

Rather than dumping used coffee grounds into the garbage, package them to sell as compost. Or use them in your home garden to grow your own vegetables, which will cut down on your grocery bill. Most organic food waste can be turned into a compost heap, as well.

Wine corks and bottles

Used, clean wine corks and bottles are very popular for those doing art projects. This will likely require going online to sell, but it’s done easily enough and can turn your enjoyment of wine into a profit center for your home.

Online store

Rather than throwing old items into the garbage, consider creating a store online and selling them. If they are clean and in good repair, they will generate a profit. In addition to the wine bottles and corks mentioned above, these cash with trash items can include:

  • Baby toys
  • Tools
  • Moving boxes
  • Lawn equipment
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Old magazines
  • Old games

Sell old phones

Once you’ve cleaned out all your personal data, you can sell old phones to companies that do buybacks.

Stuffed animals

Another thing you can sell online rather than throw in the garbage are old stuffed animals. The can sometimes be considered collectors’ items and fetch more profit than you may have thought.

Comic books

Don’t throw out those old comic books, even in the recycling bin! Some titles are extremely valuable to collectors. A comic you picked up 30 years ago for 25 cents could be worth hundreds of dollars. Research the value online and find buyers for the valuable ones.

Reclaimed wood

If you have piles of wood from a home renovation or an old barn, there are companies that will buy the wood. That’s better than putting it in the “heavy trash” by the curbside.

Junk mail

Who doesn’t get junk mail and immediately toss it in the garbage? However, you can become a consumer panelist with the Small Business Knowledge Center and get paid for your junk mail. The center will send you prepaid envelopes, and you send them the junk mail routinely. They use it for market research purposes, but you will get points toward gift cards.

These are just some of the ways you can make cash with trash. Give them some consideration. You’ll be helping both your own pocketbook and the planet.

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