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Today is America Recycles Day But What About Tomorrow?

Happy America Recycles Day, in case you were not aware every November 15th since 1997 has been a celebrated day of recycling.  The organization’s website explains that this is the only day nationally recognized in the United States focused on recycling. The site goes onto explain that 6,300 people have taken a pledge to learn and act on recycling initiatives in their community.  While there is an increased awareness on days like today, what about tomorrow?

Recycling is Older Than You May Think

America Recycles DayRecycling has been around for most of human’s existence; some records pointing back to 400 B.C. and even hint that Plato was an advocate for recycling.  Studies of archeological remains have proven that during times of scarce resources, recycling gains in popularity.  Honestly, we did not need scientific studies to prove that, hopefully we have come to the realization that by recycling we can make the most of the natural resources around us.  But that was then, what about now?

Tomorrow will you throw that empty can of soda in the trash or a recycling bin?  Did you know that recycling an aluminum can only requires about 5% of the energy it takes to produce a new one?  Think of how much energy we could save if we recycled all aluminum cans, not to mention landfill space.  Tomorrow what will you say to the question “paper or plastic?”  Hopefully it will be” neither I brought my own reusable bag,” helping stop another plastic bag from entering the Great Pacific Garbage patch.

Make Each Day America Recycles Day

The point is that today may be a special day on the calendar that helps bring awareness to recycling and sustainable living, but tomorrow is what counts.  Don’t live in the past; make the planet beautiful for tomorrow so our children and their children are able to enjoy what we take for granted.

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