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Consider the Environment as You Clean Up after the Holidays

Cleaning Up From the Holidays in an Eco-Friendly Fashion

The holiday season is filled with many reasons to be joyful, including spending time with loved ones, festive decorations, and even special recipes handed down from generation to generation. However, as we head into the New Year, it is time for the fun of cleaning from the holidays, a process that can cause quite a bit of stress and anxiety. Streamline the process and help the environment by making the most of the task ahead of you.

Cleaning Up From the Holidays: Recycle And Reuse

Go Green and Clean GreenIt is important to remember that wrapping paper can be recycled. However, there are ways to efficiently reuse the paper as well. For example, if you have a tree set up in your house, try wrapping your ornaments in the wrapping paper and then placing them in their boxes. Taking this step will help ensure that the items will be intact when you go to get them next holiday season.

If you have ornaments that do not have a home, take some of the boxes that your gifts came in and repurpose them. It is important, though, to add some tissue paper and wrapping paper to give the ornaments the protection they need.

Keep the Mess Away: Declutter

Pick a day after the holiday excitement has died down, and use it as an opportunity to go through your children’s toys and your own possessions. If there are things that haven’t been used in a while, box them up and donate them to an organization that will appreciate them. You can also earmark items for a consignment sale or to put on Craigslist if you prefer. And, if you are particularly organized, you can set up a system of rotating toys for your children. This involves storing some items while playing with others; after a certain time period has elapsed, switch out the two groups of toys.

Think Green and Clean Green

Once you have recycled, reused and decluttered, it’s time to clean your house as thoroughly as possible. After all, you don’t want Fox Pest Control to make a special visit because a few pesky bugs decide to invade your living environment. It’s easier, and less expensive, than you would think to clean in an eco-friendly manner. For example, you can clean your wood or tile floor by mixing up a cup of vinegar with a gallon of luke-warm water. Just be sure not to go overboard; a little solution will go a long way during the cleaning process.

Don’t forget to look over your furniture to make sure nothing was spilled on any of your pieces. If you see a stain, take some of your green dishwashing liquid and mix it with warm water. Alternate spraying and blotting until you are able to make headway with the spot. Finish by rinsing the area with water.

As the holidays draw to a close, most people feel a little bummed. Not only are the festivities over, but there is a lot of cleaning to do before everyone heads back to work, school and the other obligations of daily life. It is possible, however, to clean the green way and to be both efficient and effective as you go through the process.

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