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A look at some of the greenest colleges in America and how they are making the environmental choice.

How Colleges are Embracing the Green Movement

Being environmentally friendly is always important, especially for big institutions like colleges. When there are so many people in one area, it is only natural that environmental issues will crop up from time to time. As a result, many colleges have started going green. Five of the greenest colleges in America are Arizona State University, Yale University, the College of William and Mary, Ohio University, and the University of California.

How the Greenest Colleges in America Go Green

Greenest Colleges in AmericaThere are many ways that these institutions are working on going green. Schools are cutting down on paper usage and switching many things to a digital format. Many schools have their students schedule classes, access syllabuses, and even take tests online. Schools are also more engaged with the recycling process. Some are setting up recycling bins in dining halls and having students sort their trash into different categories. Schools also have the dining halls serve food in containers that are easily compostable. These schools also have campuses that are filled with lots of green grass and plants that provide a healthy and relaxing environment for students and staff members.

Importance Of Going Green

Going green is crucial for colleges. It not only helps reduce the waste produced by these large institutions, but it also helps to teach the students valuable habits for recycling and cutting down on waste and energy usage. Getting the students into these good habits early on will help them to take this knowledge and apply it throughout their entire lives, whether they choose to live in a Bayside real estate property or anywhere else in the world.

Going Green And Health

One thing that many schools are doing to be more environmentally friendly is to have bike facilities available for the students. The schools set up bike rental systems that allow the students to get bikes on campus. This way they can easily get around without using cars. Schools also have more bike racks outside of the buildings so that students are encouraged to take their bikes to class. Biking simply makes sense, as students can get where they need to go and exercise all at once. In addition to being good for the environment, this habit can encourage bikers to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their college years. Many schools also have recreation buildings that are free to students and allow them to have a healthy form of entertainment.

There are many colleges all across America that are working to help make their institutions more environmentally friendly. These schools continue to come up with better ways to go green and help their students learn better lifestyle practices. At the same time, they are helping to preserve the Earth for future generations of students.

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