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Learn About Four Environmentally Friendly Institutions of Higher Learning

Universities Going Green: Four Universities that Put the Environment First

There are many ways to “go green” in daily life, including carpooling to work, hiring an organic cleaning company, and patronizing local farmer’s markets. However, it is important to note that environmentally conscious college students also have a number of green living options available to them, particularly if they choose a university that mirrors their eco-friendly ideals. The following four institutions of higher learning all have one thing in common: their commitment to the environment.  Check out these universities going green.

The University Of Connecticut

Four top universities go greenWhen it comes to eco-friendly universities, this school stands head and shoulders above the rest. UConn’s Office of Environmental Policy is particularly invested in water conservation and saving energy. Around campus, they’ve made several changes that benefit the environment, including eliminating trays from their dining areas and asking that students not allow their cars to idle on university grounds. Their eco-friendly efforts have been recognized by the Sierra Club and have earned them a spot on the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking.

The University Of Colorado At Boulder

With a proud history of supporting eco-friendly initiatives, the University of Colorado at Boulder has quietly been transitioning to a “green” campus since 1973, when they started their recycling program. Of particular note is their Environmental Center; it is not only the oldest in the United States, it is also the biggest as well. Finally, the University of Colorado at Boulder has also paved the way when it comes to using wind energy to power their campus.

The University Of Pennsylvania

Penn is committed to using green energy; approximately 50 percent of their total energy usage comes from both wind and solar power. While they purchase some of the power, they also create it on site as well. In addition, students can take part in the University of Pennsylvania’s composting and recycling program. They also have the option of purchasing organic clothing from the university store.

Furman University

Starting about four years ago, Furman began adding a green learning component to all of their courses. They also made it mandatory that all students take a class on how humans and the natural environment interact with one another. In addition, there are both geothermal and solar energy systems on site. Finally, the campus houses its own “farm” that grows organic vegetables and herbs, and there is even eco-friendly housing located near the lake on university grounds.

Leaving your Hewlett real estate property and heading off to college is a life changing step for most students. Still, there are some things that should remain constant in your life, including your commitment to living a green lifestyle. These four universities going green, as listed above, are excellent choices for any environmentally conscious college student, as they are all committed to making the Earth a better place for future generations of students.

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