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Your unborn child is exposed to toxic and harmful chemicals and you may not even know it.

Learn How Expectant Mothers Can Protect Their Baby from Dangerous Toxins

Every mother wants to do the right thing for their baby and protect them from harm, though sometimes dangers to their unborn child may be hidden, making it difficult to know what to do.  Dangerous toxins are lurking behind every corner and we want to make sure you are armed with the knowledge to protect you and your baby.  Awaiting the arrival of your new son or daughter is a magical time, as a parent I look back at those moments with fond memories.  I also tend to look back and think, I wish I knew then what I know now.  Do yourself and your child a favor, work towards creating a sustainable earth and keep your family healthy by avoiding dangerous toxins.

Understanding Common Toxic Dangers during Pregnancy  

Dangerous toxins for pregnant womenIt is an unfortunate fact that an expectant mother is usually bombarded by more than a single toxic chemical on any given day.  Exposure could be from the air pollution caused by coal fired power plants, second hand tobacco smoke and even the paint used to brighten up the nursery.  It is not limited to air pollution either, some of the most dangerous toxins could be found in common organophosphate pesticides in your own front yard.  Additionally, exposure to BPA from plastic water bottles, plastic packaging and canned foods have also been linked to hormonal changes among other health risks.

A recent article by the Huffington Post outlined the dangers posed by pesticides during pregnancy, an often overlooked danger.  It outlined a medical study that found that exposure to organophosphate pesticides led to lower birth weight and that childbirth took place a few days earlier than normal.  The study continued to point out this risk alone for an individual child is not a major risk factor, though the concerns come from compounding exposure from other toxins, such as BPA.

Preventing Your Exposure and Staying Healthy

It is not plausible to completely eliminate exposure to chemicals and toxins, while we wish it were not the case, it is a fact of modern life.  However, you can greatly reduce your family’s overall exposure with just a few simple tips.  These tips can help anyone looking to stay healthy, though expectant mothers should take special care to follow these hints.

  • Reduce your exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA):  Plastic water bottles, canned food and plastic packaging may contain high levels of BPA.  Prevent your exposure to BPA by limiting your use of canned foods, prepackaged items and use a reusable water bottle rather than single use bottles.
  • Improve the air you breathe:  Your home’s air in many cases is dirtier than the outside air.  This is due to fumes from paints, cleaning products and contaminants carried in your clothing.  Clean your indoor air naturally with houseplants by spreading them throughout your home every 100 feet.  Plants can often clean the air faster and more efficiently than a HEPA filter.
  • Limit Exposure to Fumes: A very simple method of staying safe is to simply avoid coming in contact with toxins.  If you are an expectant mother, do not help paint the baby’s room or be around freshly delivered furniture.  These give off fumes which can be harmful, for everyone in the home.  Make sure you air the home out properly before re-entering as well.  This is not restricted to paint; the new car smell that is so appealing is actually quite toxic as well due to all the plastics, sealants and other items that give off the fumes.  Basically, be aware of your surroundings and be cautious about what you are exposed to.
  • Don’t Eat Fish Contaminated With Mercury: This is a great tip for anyone, but expectant mothers and their children are at most risk.  Fish like Tuna, Orange Roughy and Swordfish are known to contain very high levels of mercury.  The NRDC has a great printable guide that can help you find out which fish are safe and which one to toss back.  Click here to download the free guide.
  • Watch for pesticides:  Do you have a lawn service, or does your office, school or local park?  Have you noticed those little signs poking out of the grass saying it was recently treated?  If so you need to either ensure they are using organic methods or avoid those areas all together.  We also recommending going organic for your produce needs to reduce intake of pesticides.  If that becomes costly, wash your fruit and veggies in soap and water which will help remove some of the toxins.  As a compromise, let the expectant mother eat organic only during the pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Avoiding toxins is critical to a healthy and sustainable living for anyone, though it is even more important for mothers to be and their children.  These tips are not an all encompassing list and any concerns should be addressed with your healthcare professional, but hopefully we helped raise your awareness to what is lurking around the corner.  Go green and stay safe from harmful chemicals for the sake of your family.

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