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Chemicals such as BPA found in plastics have been linked to weight gain and diabetes.

Your Plastic Water Bottle Could Be Making You Fat

You can’t escape it, plastic is everywhere and it has become a part of your daily life, whether you like it or not.   In recent articles we discussed how American’s use over 50 billion single use plastic water bottles each year, causing significant landfill waste and consumption of 912 million gallons of oil.  While we know that plastics are not good for a sustainable earth, did you ever consider that drinking from plastic water bottles can make you fat?

BPA Can Cause Obesity and Worse

BPA causes obesityThere is compelling evidence that in fact your plastic water bottle or canned food can make you fat.  Scientists have proven that synthetic chemicals can interfere with hormone signals which can impact how the pancreas and other organs work when digesting food.  The pancreas is in charge of insulin production, and without getting into the medical science we should point out that increased insulin production is linked with diabetes and obesity.  One of the chemicals under scrutiny is Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a synthetic chemical used in plastic beverage and food containers such as single use water bottles.  It is also found in the lining of metal food cans, baby bottles and plastic food wrappers.  BPA can leach out from the container and contaminate the food or beverage inside, especially when exposed to heat.  Long-term exposure to BPA has been linked to increased insulin production and fat cell growth.

Go Green and Live a BPA Free Lifestyle

A key ingredient to sustainable living is limiting exposure to synthetic chemicals and pollutants, such as BPA.  There are a few simple tips that you can use to reduce your exposure to BPA while helping you go green at the same time.  First, replace those throw away plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles. The best choice in terms of durability and cost is to use a stainless steel, BPA free sports water bottle.  Another way to limit your exposure is to stop using those plastic bags to carry your groceries home.  Start using reusable bags instead, allowing your food to keep a safe distance from those single use bags loaded with BPA.  Lastly, use fresh produce and meats, leaving the packaging behind.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish can be wrapped with wax paper and dropped in your reusable bag making your dining experience BPA free.

Find BPA-Free Water Bottles Now

While living a BPA free lifestyle won’t replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, it will help reduce your risk of obesity and help keep the planet green.  Keep you and your family healthy by taking steps to reduce your exposure to nasty chemicals and synthetic products.


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