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A wealth of products allows you to easily reduce your home’s impact on the environment

Sustainable Products for the Home in 2021

A new year has arrived, as well as a renewed focus on environmental issues. A wealth of  sustainable products allows you to easily reduce your home’s impact on the environment

The old argument is that one person cannot make a difference in a battle as big as the one to save the world’s environment. But the truth is that if everyone took small steps in their own lives to make changes, the impact on sustainability would be massive.

Sustainable Products for the Home in 2021

Change really does start at home. So, we looked at new sustainable products for 2021 that you can buy right now that will make a positive impact on the environment. It’s as easy as making a switch to a new product that is more eco-friendly.

Sustainable Products for 2021

The following sustainable products for 2021 focus on eco-friendly items you can use in your  day-to-day routine at home. We’ve found a variety of different brands within these categories. All are available online.

Reusable storage bags. There are many different brands on the market, all of which allow you to dump the plastic, one-use bags for good. These work especially well if you have kids who pack a lunch every weekday.

Eco-friendly cleaning products. Products such as Blueland allow you to use recycled bottles that you simply fill with water, then drop a tablet in that dissolves and turns it into cleaning fluid, without all the chemicals. That’s just one example of many sustainable cleaning brands that allow you to set aside chemical-filled cleaners for good.

Shampoo. Here’s a product most people use almost every day, but might not think about the environmental impact. Shampoos that feature locally sourced materials and fewer chemicals can help you better sustain the environment (and support the local economy).

Locally sourced food. If you haven’t given your local farmer’s market a try yet, 2021 is the year to do it. Buying food there means no meal served in your home has ingredients that traveled 1,500 miles to get there (that’s the average “food miles” for meals served in your home made from food purchased at the grocery store. Just the fuel saved in food transportation has a huge impact on the environment.

Stainless steel straws. Single-use straws are an incredible waste and produce about 4% of all the plastic trash produced worldwide each year. Buy reusable straws and put an end to trash in the ocean that harms animals.

Recycled shoes. Recycled shoes are starting to catch on as people become more aware of the sheer amount of garbage that comes from discarded shoes. An estimated 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills every year.

Green Athleisure. Adidas is taking the lead in making greener athleisure clothing, one of the fastest growing segments of the clothing industry. They use only plastic from bottles found along the coast to make their Prime Blue line of apparel. They plan to make all their clothing without using virgin plastic by 2024.

Recycled phone cases. We all want protective cases for our phones, but that doesn’t mean it has to come from virgin plastic. Many brands have merged that make their cases from recycled plastic and in some cases donate part of the proceeds to environmental causes (such as Nimble).

Solar kit. More companies are starting to offer small solar kits that include a solar panel and solar powered lights. They work well as a backup system, or as power for a small camper or cabin.

These are just some of the many sustainable products for 2021 you can find that will help make your home greener. It’s a great year to make a new start in this important area. Every little bit really does add up if enough people take responsibility for taking care of their corner of the planet.

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