Green Products

Reduce your environmental footprint with the best green products for everyday living

What Are the Best Green Products?

Environmentally safe green products have become so numerous that people can use them in a wide variety of daily activities. They include sustainable coffee filters, shoes, clothing, transportation, office products and much more.

Deciding to use green products today is simply a matter of making the decision and sticking with it. There are dozens of products available that will help reduce your environmental footprint.

Best Green ProductsBest Green Products

The following focuses less on actual brands and more on the type of green products available for everyday use.

Morning Coffee

You can start right away by making that first cup of coffee. There are coffee filters available that use natural materials rather than synthetics. Also, coffee cups are now available that are reusable and made from silicon.


From that first bottled water people drink in the morning to the last one at night, Americans are littering the landscape and filling landfills with billions of plastic bottles that potentially contain harmful chemicals that seep into the soil. The far better choice is to get a stainless-steel cup for drinking your water and simply use it all day, washing it at night.

Home Products

You can find sustainable home products for almost every room in the house. There are brands that offer recycled toilet paper and paper towels. Better yet, you can replace those paper towels and napkins with reusable, all-cotton cloth napkins and towels.

There are also biodegradable bags for picking up after your pet when you take them out for a walk. There are reusable sandwich bags that eliminate the need for plastic bags. There are also organic pillow cases, towels, and floor mats.


When you get dressed in the morning, there is probably quite of bit of your clothing that uses plasticized fabric. A better choice is to find brands that offer clothes made from recycled fabric. Try also to find brands that use manufacturing processes that reduce the number of chemicals needed in the cloth-making process.


You can slip on environmentally friendly shoes as well. An increasing number of companies are making footwear that is created using recycled and naturally occurring materials. They are attempting to reduce or eliminate the need for synthetics.


Carmakers have started to go into electric cars or hybrid vehicles in a major way. Almost every major automaker has a version of their popular cars that is a hybrid, although it pays to research each one and finds those that provide the best gas mileage. Considering the impact of carbon emissions from vehicles, fuel-efficient cars are among the best green products.

An even better choice, in terms of reducing your impact on the environment, is finding a place to live that is close enough to your work, grocery store and other places that you frequently visit that you can walk or bike to them. If you must commute, research trains, buses or rideshare opportunities.

Office Work

For both home and office work – or a home office! – there are computers made from 70% recycled material. The same goes for accessories such as mouse pads and keyboards. LED light bulbs reduce energy use at the office and home, as well.

File folders, pens, permanent markers, chairs, file drawers, tables – all these office products are now available from brands that use recycled material and more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

These are some of the areas where the best green products can help reduce your environmental impact. Keep them in mind as you go about your day – you will find dozens of ways you can become more Earth-friendly.

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