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Keep your baby healthy and happy with these tips to create an eco-friendly nursery!

Welcome Your New Baby into a Green Nursery

Welcoming a new life into the world can be both absolutely terrifying and at the same time completely enthralling. During the pregnancy months, thoughts are scattered and stressful not only for first time parents but also for repeat offenders. You have so much to get done and so many other things to accomplish with a definite deadline. And you literally begin to see the time slipping by as the bump grows larger by the day.

Starting with the Baby’s Personal Space

Creating a sustainable nurseryThrough the pregnancy months, you start to think of the ways you will have to even further change your previous lifestyle after the baby arrives. While the belly grows, so does your ever growing list of things to complete before the due date. As you baby proof your whole house, your primary concern is most likely the nursery. While your absolute main concern is baby-proofing, there’s a whole world out there that isn’t baby-proof.

You are likely concerned about the environment and decide to make other changes in your home while you go along with making your house safe for the new baby. No one expects you to turn your house upside down overnight in an attempt achieve a green living space, regardless of whether you’re planning to paint the nursery pink or blue. But starting with an eco-friendly nursery will help you transition into other parts of your home as your baby grows.

Maintaining a Green Atmosphere in the Nursery

Using your heat or air conditioning too much is not good for either the environment or your wallet but the person it hurts the most is your new baby. Invest in high-efficiency windows that feature a strong seal to prevent letting air pass between the nursery and the outdoors. Some types of heaters run on solar power to help keep the nursery warm in cooler months. And on warm days, window shades built between panes of glass block out the sun without cords posing a threat to curious little climbers.

Of course you’ll want the decorations in your nursery to be as earth-friendly as the rest elements. But the task might prove challenging, even outright daunting for some prospective parents. However, there are simple ways of making your nursery eco-friendly, some of which you might not have considered before!

  • Skip the carpeting. Mold, dust, and all other sorts of allergens love to hide in this plush material. Vacuuming just involves using even more energy that would not help the going green cause. Go for hardwood floors instead. They are less likely to harbor allergens and cleaning up is a breeze, using less energy and cleaning products than what is required to clean carpets.
  • Cloth diapers are not a thing of the past. More and more new parents are choosing cloth diapers because they’re earth-friendly, easy to use, and less expensive than the disposable diapers filling up space in landfills every day, especially if you practice eco-friendly laundry habits. Even parents who find cloth diapers a disgusting business, they agree it is all the more incentive to potty train their children later on. Until then, washing them in earth friendly laundry detergent can make a huge difference in how green you’re living. Find Cloth and Green Diapers on!
  • Buy green bedding and clothing for your new little one. Your baby’s crib can be a huge help in your efforts to go green! An organic mattress and matching bedding are one eco-friendly option. Did you know that some standard bedding – even that for your baby’s nursery – is treated with harmful petrochemicals and known carcinogenic agents? Those aren’t the things you’d want to swaddle your newborn babe in at all! Organic clothing will keep your baby snuggling while cutting down on the potential for allergies as earth-friendly fibers often lack dyes and other irritants. Find Green Baby Products Now!

There is a lot of advice on how to eat healthier, how to use yoga as a way to bond with your baby before its birth, and even how your baby can hear music while inside the womb. Sadly, with all the modern technology some companies are still using procedures from past generations when it comes to making baby products. As your baby’s parent you are the first line of defense against products that care more about the almighty dollar than whether or not your baby can rest easy in his or her new nursery.

Freelance writer Sophie Evans knows all about earth-friendly nurseries as she’s decorated two – one each for her son and daughter. Just like her children, their rooms could not have been more different but one thing they had in common was their eco-friendliness. She still uses tips from sites like in her goal of maintaining the most eco-friendly home that she can. In her free time Sophie likes visiting Disney parks, beach combing along the California coast near her home, and watching documentaries with her husband Rick.

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