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Wind power is currently underutilized in the US. If tapped into, it could offer thousands of jobs and millions of homes with clean energy.

An Untapped Resource: How Offshore Wind Can Create Jobs and Help the Economy

Offshore wind power offers the potential for thousands of green jobs in the US, along with providing power to more than 10 million residences across the country.  Wind energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energies in the U.S. today and may soon surpass hydroelectric power which currently holds the top spot.  By increasing our focus on the untapped resource of offshore wind power, we could take our wind energy plans to the next level.

Offshore Wind Can Create Jobs and Help the Economy

Offshore wind farms are an untapped resourceThe United States currently does not have any operating wind turbines in its waters, even though the potential is there for success. Hopefully, the situation will be rectified soon; government officials at both the state and federal level are working tirelessly to make offshore turbines a reality. If successful, the United States could generate over 1,200 gigawatts of energy, although even a tiny portion of that number (52 GW) would have a significant impact and provide power for more than 10 million residences across the country.

According to a National Wildlife Foundation report, it would also create an economic boon, opening up hundreds of thousands of jobs and infusing billions of dollars into major American cities.

Paving The Way For Turbines

Offshore wind has been a topic of conversation for a long time, but we are finally making strides to see the dream realized. The federal government figured out where the best place would be for such a project, and set aside a few thousand square nautical miles of water that have the best conditions for wind energy. The waters span a dozen states and are mostly located along the Atlantic seaboard.

The federal project is being strengthened by the fact that more than a dozen states in the same area are increasing their efforts to make offshore wind generation a reality. Several northern states, in particular, have created sustainable energy plans and are beginning to institute them. For example, Maine is testing the waters with a floating turbine project, and both New Jersey and Rhode Island are making progress with wind farm proposals. The combined efforts of the federal and state government are blazing a trail for wind energy generation.

Why Wind Energy Is So Useful

In addition to the economic benefits mentioned previously, wind energy will make power in the United States more reliable and affordable. Energy use spikes when it is hot outside and during the daytime hours. That is the time that offshore winds are at their peak, meaning that they are perfect to address our areas of greatest need. Residential and commercial solar panel kits can also help.

Power tends to cost quite a lot along the East Coast, particularly in big cities, because the grid is just too backed up to allow inexpensive energy to flow to these places. Offshore wind generation could change all that; people living in these areas should see a huge reduction in their monthly energy bills if wind power projects are implemented.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

Europe is already invested in offshore wind generation, producing enough energy to light up several million homes. In the next ten years, about 300,000 jobs are expected to be tied to this industry as well. China is also making strides to produce sustainable energy. If the United States does not begin setting more goals and implementing plans soon, we will lose our edge as a leader in this area.

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