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An automobile manufacturer from China could help the U.S. boost green jobs.

China’s Impact on the American Green Job Market

The green job market in the United States could be expanding soon, thanks to an automobile manufacturer from China.

China’s Newest EV Plant And What it Means for American Green Jobs

China's BYD can increase green jobsBYD, a manufacturer in China, is interested in making EVs, or electric vehicles, in an attempt to assist mass transit fleets that need additional resources. In particular, the plant the company wants to build would focus primarily on making electric buses.

Plant details and speculation

A BYD employee is on the record as saying that the EV plant will be located in California and that the goal is to produce approximately 100 electric vehicles in the first year of operation, which is expected to be 2014. In addition, the company hopes to increase production substantially in the second year, from 100 to 500 vehicles. Although it is thought that some necessary materials, including certain parts, will come to the plant from China, United States citizens will be hired as managers and plant workers to help facilitate operations.

BYD has actually already established itself in the United States. Los Angeles is home to the company’s North American headquarters, which means BYD currently has ties to the west coast and should possess a strong motivation to follow through on their plans. There is no word yet on whether or not the plant will be built close to the existing structure; an announcement should be made sometime this spring, likely no later than April.

The K9 electric bus

BYD intends to manufacture one of its newest vehicles at the California plant, known as the K9 electric bus. It came onto the market nearly two years ago and can travel approximately 150 minutes when fully charged. The distance can vary, however, depending on whether the bus is traveling through a rural or an urban area. Charging takes place over the course of three hours, and the vehicle will use up just under 100 kWh of energy every 60 miles. The design of the bus also allows for solar panels to be placed on the roof, which assists in generating energy for the vehicle.

Plans for the future

Initially, BYD’s buses will run throughout California, with Cupertino listed as one potential site for service. BYD has seen success with their electric buses already in the United States, as well as in Canada and China. In addition, the California plant is not their only new venture; they are also expected to work with Bulgaria to manufacture their electric vehicles as well.

The number of green jobs in the United States is rapidly multiplying. From solar professionals in California to Rochester pest control specialists that utilize integrated pest management techniques, the future looks bright as green jobs are increasing and becoming more desirable. China’s EV plant will only add to the progress that is being made.

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