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For college students, there are more green career opportunities than ever before.

Green Jobs for Recent Graduates: Make a Sustainable Impact

In a recession, it is difficult for anyone to find a job. This applies to students fresh out of college as well as experienced professionals. Some fields, however, offer more possibilities in finding green jobs for recent graduates than others, since environmentally-friendly jobs continue to grow even during this difficult time. In particular, there are positions available that deal with cutting down on waste, pollution and consumption, in addition to making sustainable goods.

Green Jobs for Recent Graduates

Green careers for recent graduatesIf you are currently in an institution of higher learning, it is worth taking a second look at environmental jobs. If you are serious about helping the Earth and earning a living, you should begin crafting some of your studies and volunteer opportunities with your future career in mind. Numerous schools offer traditional and online programs in sustainability, allowing you to focus on green careers. For instance, green building is the way of the future.

Green Building

Many homeowners, and even corporations as well, want to spend their time in an eco-friendly environment. This means that their building needs sustainable materials, and there should be ways for them to save on things like water and energy use. In addition, the actual construction itself should be done with as little disruption to the environment as possible. If you are interested in green building, completing an internship with a trained individual in your area would be a great resume boost.

Green Communication

If you are majoring in English or Communications, you may think that eco-friendly jobs don’t really apply to you. However, eco-blogging is a relatively new field that could be a perfect fit for your skills. You can post for other professionals or even set up a site of your own. Search online and look for information on how to get started; there are a number of forums already available where you can begin to publish your thoughts and get established.

Green Engineering

Engineering is one area where hiring continues to take place on a regular basis. If you are interested in this field, but still feel a commitment to the environment as well, the position of sustainable energy engineer is a possibility. In short, the job involves looking into sustainable energy resources while figuring out better ways of using them. It is a difficult job, but it is crucial for our future.

Keep your mind, and your options, open. Regardless of your major or your area of interest, there is a way for you to contribute to the environment. For example, if you are interested in marketing, you could look for a position with a green company that needs a little publicity.

Keep “Green” In Mind

While your work may not be directly “green,” you will be working for a business that believes in the same things you do. In addition, jobs that you may not think of as being traditionally eco-friendly are beginning to move into that direction. Jersey City pest control is one example; these exterminators are using green management services to help with unwanted pests. With a little creative thinking, you can earn a living and find that green job for recent graduates that will support the cause you believe in at the same time.

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